Suspected 1080 poisoning cases

The Putaruru family

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POISONED WAIKATO FAMILY: An experienced hunter asks why no authorities have contacted the hunter who provided the meat that may also have killed his own dog 27/1/18

Press Release following further examination of the poisoned Waikato family’s medical notes – Kathy White 22/1/18

A recent interview with the poisoned Waikato family reveals more details about the ongoing DHB cover up 22/1/18

With botulism ruled out 3 days in, and 1080 a suspected cause, still we were told the poisoned Waikato family had botulism 7/1/18

Calling out the Waikato DHB & MPI to respond to questions about the glaring inconsistencies in their procedures regarding the poisoned Putaruru family 5/1/18

Poisoned Waikato family – not botulism so ACC now clear to assist poisoned family 5/1/18

Why 18 days to test for 1080? Waikato DHB feeds public porkies on poisoned wild pork test results 3/1/18

Poisoned family having difficulty accessing their medical records 27/12/17

Crying ‘botulism’ from day one, we now have a complete ‘about face’ on the poisoned Waikato family 23/12/17

Mystery family poisoning – ‘No evidence’ boar was the cause 22/12/17

Wild Boar Botulism Family Speak Out – The Full Story from the GrafBoys 21/12/17

Suspect meat seemed in ‘pristine condition’ after 35 days 16/12/17

Update from a Neuroscientist on the Waikato family poisoned by wild boar meat .. the anomalies surrounding the official diagnosis 10/12/17

A New form of Botulism or something more deadly? (the case of the poisoned Waikato family) 22/11/17

Family face permanent disablity after eating wild pig 17/11/17

Two Greymouth Women

THREE years on, two women alleging 1080 poisoning while picnicking STILL waiting for answers from NZ Health  12/11/17

A Young Hiker in Queenstown

Could this Healthy 23 Year Old’s Cardiac Arrest Have Been Caused by Exposure to 1080? … We Will Never Know Because Incredibly, the NZ Lab Lost Her Heart! 6/10/16
Note: this happened in 2006

A South Island man

Did you know that a NZ man died from 1080 poisoning in 1966? … his family is still waiting for NZ authorities to acknowledge this … 1966


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