A New form of Botulism or something more deadly? (the case of the poisoned Waikato family)

Tuesday 21 November 2017, 2:15PM
By J. James

“…in the process of elimination the doctors think it is definitely some sort of poisoning within the boar itself so maybe the boar has consumed poison before it was shot down and so whatever was in its blood has found itself in to theirs ….”

With the recent case of poisoned pig meat causing serious health affects in three members of one New Zealand family the world is watching and asking are we seeing a new form of botulism?

PubMed ProMED – is the International society for Infectious diseases and has this to say  -(find it at the bottom of the page)

”…In summary, if this is proven to be due to botulism, by identification of the toxin in either the patients and/or in the food, the description of the time of onset of the symptoms would make this reportable as 15-30 mins post ingestion is highly unusual…”…

In short they are questioning if this is indeed botulism given the symptoms or even a new strain.

However, they do not know New Zealand’s history of dropping a deadly poison into its eco system a poison so deadly there is no antidote – a poison that kills anything that breaths oxygen and that can be up taken by both plants and animals in sub lethal doses.

sodium fluoroacetate better known in New Zealand as compound 1080 is  indiscriminately aerially dropped out of helicopters throughout New Zealand’s pristine eco system and water ways.

interestingly in a Radio NZ interview – family friend and church member Joji Varghese, had this to say

..“…in the process of elimination the doctors think it is definitely some sort of poisoning within the boar itself so maybe the boar has consumed poison before it was shot down and so whatever was in its blood has found itself in to theirs ….”

He goes on to say that without a proper toxicology report no one can be sure and that the toxicology report is expected shortly

Social media is abuzz with theories – I am not saying here that it is sodium fluoroacetate but it is certainly something to look at because of its ubiquitous presence within the entire eco system of New Zealand

It serves no one to obscure all possibilities because one might upset a million dollar industry.

It is not uncommon nor is it unknown as this study shows 

Sodium fluoroacetate residue in feral pig (Sus scrofa) carcasses – Is it a significant secondary poisoning hazard? 

...”….Feral pig control in Australia is heavily reliant upon poisoning with sodium fluoroacetate (1080) bait. Tissue residue levels may be considerable and pose a potential risk to non-target consumers. Tissue/fluid samples (liver, kidney, stomach, stomach contents, small intestine, large intestine, muscle and eye) from lethally poisoned feral pigs were removed and assayed for fluoroacetate concentration. The digestive system, specifically the stomach contents and stomach, consistently contained the greatest concentration of 1080 within individuals. Few non-target animals apart from introduced mammals (fox, dog, cat) appear at risk from consuming muscle tissue, however, many native species may be at risk from consuming visceral tissue (especially stomach and contents). The practical risk is probably low and reduced given the rapid decomposition of carcasses in the field. Regular consumption of poisoned pork may exceed the recommended daily intake of fluoroacetate and be a risk to human health, but there is a low probability of this occurring…”..

Pigs can also eat deer or possums that have been killed by compound 1080 and gain a sub lethal dose from that

Research is showing that one of the fingerprints to look for is fluorocitrate

What I am learning through others in the Stop the drops movement is that Sodium Fluoracetate metabolises into FluoroCITRATE or is a metabolite of compound 1080.

…”….It has been known for many years that fluoroacetate and fluorocitrate when metabolized are highly toxic….”…

We know that – 1 part per trillion in water can disrupt hormones  and be uptaken by plants 

In a separate study – a vet is calling for an investigation into a toxin in wild pigs that affects dogs and might also make humans sick. – which begs the question – might this also be connected with compound 1080 being up taken by plants and eaten by pigs

compound 1080 is an indiscriminate killer with no antidote with potentially harmful and life threating sub lethal does –

There is very limiting independent study done on what it is actually doing in the environment as this report shows

A Critical Look at Aerial-Dropped, Poison-Laced Food in New Zealand’s Forest Ecosystems​

We all await the toxicology report and pray for the full recovery of the family

If you would like to help the family please go here 




6 thoughts on “A New form of Botulism or something more deadly? (the case of the poisoned Waikato family)”

  1. I still can’t believe the Goverment , Doc , and other agencies are still spreading 100’s of tones of this poison all over our parks and water ways by helicopter , when there is no antidope.
    I feel 80% sure this wild boar in some way has become contaminated from 1080 and this is the reason these 3 people are in hospital .
    Please keep up your good work.
    Kind regards , Big E , Tutukaka


    1. Thanks Ian I will … so long as I’m able and no I can’t believe it either. It’s pure insanity what is going down. Think it was inevitable really re the poison. It has to be affecting the food chain.


      1. Hi Pam,
        It just amazes me how they can keep this info out of the public eye , and the stories we’ve heard and damage that has already been done with 1080 ,and I believe some will be permanent.
        They put very little in the news media how the 3 effected people who ate the poisoned boar are now.
        Thank you for your reply.
        Kind regards

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        1. Exactly Ian, the media are complicit but then who owns the media we need to ask. I have little respect I’m afraid for mainstream media. (You will see that from my page of that name). True journalism was sold out long ago (paid journalism ie). And you’re welcome. Thanks for commenting. Always great to hear feedback on the topics.


  2. I agree with both Ian and Pam.
    Yes that stuff can and will kill more than once while the toxicity is still there.
    There is still no antidote.
    Perhaps the hunter responsible for getting the pig should be questioned, who knows where he got that animal from in the first place.
    Knowing weather the pig was aahh asleep or was it acting normal when the fatal shot occurred.
    There are a thousand and one unanswered questions here one should ask that hunter only he knows the truth!


    1. Now interesting point you raise there D.Williams. I did read one article amidst the many that said someone else gave them the pig meat, although they do usually shoot their own. I’ve not seen it anywhere else. I expect right now they’re dealing with all the family trauma given they have little ones who will be distressed no doubt. Hopefully in due course those questions will be asked. And yes absolutely they need to answer those questions, where etc. Was it in a 1080 area. I’m not holding my breath on that one given the ongoing denial we see. Not testing for 1080 with 89 kiwi deaths is damning enough. Remembering also the young woman who died after tramping whose heart they lost & whose Doctor suspected 1080 poisoning. The authorities don’t want to know.


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