Crying ‘botulism’ from day one, we now have a complete ‘about face’ on the poisoned Waikato family

For weeks, since this Putaruru family was first hospitalized after a meal of wild boar meat, mainstream media has told us the family had botulism.

“All three members of a Waikato family struck down with botulism after eating freshly slaughtered wild boar meat have regained consciousness”.

A number of folk requested information on the issue under the OIA but were declined citing patient confidentiality.

TV Wild put in a request four weeks ago and this was also declined, even with patient consent.

Understandably given the widespread use of 1080 throughout NZ people wanted reassurance it wasn’t 1080 poisoning of beast or human via secondary poisoning even. We had a Neuroscientist also speaking out about the symptoms and how they did not match botulism.

Then, two nights ago the Graf Boys (maker of the documentary on 1080 called Poisoning Paradise) having obtained consent from the family, published an interview with friends of the family. The revelations were startling especially regarding the after effects of the poison. (We also published that video this morning, you can see it here.)

“Joji Varghese describes how up to four nurses were required to restrain the victims, because their involuntary convulsions were likely to harm the patients and the nurses. They had to be strapped to their beds.”

Now, the very next morning we have an article in the Herald telling us that the family’s test results have now been returned (coincidentally?) and the verdict is that no it was not botulism. Even more coincidentally, we learn they had also been tested for 1080 and the results were negative. So just two days ago, the family were also refused the results to all testing for another 20 days, yet the following day (after the release of the family interview) mainstream media has the test results?

“The family was also tested for 1080 poisoning and that was negative too”. Radio NZ

This is another flip flop as you will note in the this article they hadn’t tested for 1080 because the family would have to eat a bowlful to be poisoned to the extent they were it was claimed.

“He revealed the family had also been tested for mercury, arsenic and lead poisoning but not 1080 as doctors believed they would have needed to consume a cereal bowl full for it to have such a violent effect.” NZ Herald

And now we are being told that even the boar meat was not the cause:

“No evidence boar was the cause”  Radio NZ 

It appears that the authorities have destroyed all of the meat that was in the family’s freezer (now why would you do that?). And the meal left on the table is still in pristine non decayed condition, unlike the rest of the food left there.

So, it is all looking murkier by the hour. Do you still trust the authorities? The media? Your government? (which is a corporation mind). The hospital management? And we have other growing anomalies in the 1080 mix.


Educate yourself on 1080 by visiting the Graf Boys’ website, the 1080science site, our 1080 pages and by following the links here.  During the holiday period take a look at the documentary Poisoning Paradise plus other videos on topic at the same link.

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13 thoughts on “Crying ‘botulism’ from day one, we now have a complete ‘about face’ on the poisoned Waikato family”

  1. yes isn’t it all very very interesting – after the release of the interview the MSM spun their stories – anyone of them could have done this interview if they were real investagative reporteres but none did

    and who are we to believe – the person in the video saying they didn’t test for 1080 or the spin merchants – i know who i believe

    the MSM is the propaganda arm of the state – they will spin whatever the state tells them and in this case, they have – and now according to some reports it wasn’t the meat – so these people got sick out of thin air?


    1. absolutely they are the propaganda arm …. getting pretty clear though who is telling the porkies. The timing of their results release wasn’t that clever IMO.


  2. I would say that they have been caught out with an alsolutely ginormous porkie whereby someone immediately recognised it as 1080 poisoning and set about deliberately ignoring that possibility knowing that if they delayed long enough the evidence would be hard to find . . . in the meantime they couldn’t risk telling everyone involved of the gameplan so hilarious explanations have been given where the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand does . . . looks like 1080, smells like 1080, sounds like 1080, behaves like 1080 . . . I’m not wearing botulism unless it turns out there is a form with striped pyjamas . . . :}

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    1. Yes as the saying goes, caught with their pants down Wonder Mouse. You’ve probably got it pretty much summarized. Many wouldn’t wear the botulism conclusion & got denounced for it (ourselves included).


  3. The pig could have eaten toxic berries like Tutu. Or tobacco weed but it would be in the guts or bowel that would be removed after killing to reduce weight to be carried out of could have been another ingredient used in the meal.

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    1. Earlier investigations point out that the meat is what the children hadn’t eaten. They are both fine. So evidence points to the meat, tho now they are saying it wasn’t the meat, only since the interview of course. The interview with the family has blown apart their earlier assumptions… like it IS botulism for one. And if they were at all thorough they would’ve tested for 1080 & admitted it right at the outset.


  4. The families descriptions in the video of the horrific symptoms the sick family members suffered, limbs thrashing about,muscle spasms etc reminds me of the horrific symptoms suffered by deer and other large mammals who have eaten 1080 bait.

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    1. exactly manukapath. If folk have the stomach to watch the vids on Youtube of animals dying of 1080 poisoning, it is exactly that. Others have said the same to me. It’s thought by many it’s secondary poisoning hence why they didn’t die from it. The comments from the Neuroscientist are insightful.

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