Family face permanent disablity after eating wild pig

Very sad for this family. It will be interesting to see what the reports say. A sign perhaps of caution in eating wild food … given our wild places are being, and have for a long time, seriously poisoned.

From MSN News

Newshub staff, Michael Morrah
The family are being treated for suspected food poisoning at Waikato Hospital after consuming the meat, believed to be contaminated by an unknown substance or bacteria.Shibu Kochummen, wife Subi Babu and mother Alekutty Daniel were found unconscious by emergency staff at their Putaruru house on Friday.

Mr Kochummen collapsed while calling emergency services for medical help.

Family friend Joji Varghese told Newshub poisoning may have occurred after the victims ate contaminated pig.

“Shibu and some of his friends… went hunting for some wild boar,” he said.

“They cooked and consumed it on Friday evening for dinner. Within half an hour they began throwing up. Shibu tried ringing the emergency services.

“Someone turned up at their door and found all three adults unconscious.”

Mr Varghese says the trio are now in a vegetative state, and doctors are determining the cause of the incident.


Family poisoned with botulism: ‘It’s a very difficult sight’

A family of three who were hospitalised with suspected food poisoning after eating wild boar are being treated for botulism.


8 thoughts on “Family face permanent disablity after eating wild pig”

    1. yes Jo and those on some forums who are way more knowledgeable than I on this subject are asking that question. If you’ve read Whitney Robie’s story (where they lost her heart) you’ll know if this is 1080 the public will likely never know about it.

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  1. These are the symptoms of 1080 poisoning in humans: “In humans, the symptoms of poisoning normally appear between 30 minutes and three hours after exposure. Initial symptoms typically include nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain; sweating, confusion, and agitation follow. In significant poisoning, cardiac abnormalities including tachycardia or bradycardia, hypotension, and ECG changes develop. Neurological effects include muscle twitching and seizures; consciousness becomes progressively impaired after a few hours leading to coma. Death is normally due to ventricular arrhythmias, progressive hypotension unresponsive to treatment, and secondary lung infections”
    A good match here from what has been reported, methinks.


    1. Yes it is. I’ve been following various forums on this and there is huge skepticism about the botulism. The last item I looked at (following the news) the patients were twitching which I note in your summary there. Very sad isn’t it, whatever the cause.

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        1. There are hunters up & down NZ who have eaten meat they hunt for many years. And still do. Why would you not? That was the norm before the food industry got in on it & folk didn’t need to ‘save a buck’. These people didn’t buy it.


  2. Even putting aside the suspected human poisoning’s, the actual act of a helicopter dropping 1080 is grossly negligent, the sheer volume and haphazard manner should be enough to put the brakes on.. never mind the hundreds of dead birds and mammals, poisoned water ways, not to mention we still have a thriving population of possum.
    The NZ Public needs to throw a very big public tantrum over this or nothing will change

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