OIA request reveals 89 Dead Kiwi in 1080 treated Tongariro Forest – and not one was tested by DOC for 1080 poisoning – Press Release from Graf Brothers

Photo credit: Google images/infonews

Following the recent shocking news about 1080 drops into the streams that flow into Lake Taupo, this info from an OIA request is very interesting.  Now would you not, with that many precious and rare native birds, be testing as to HOW they died? You surely would not just presume, pests? And would you not actually TEST for poison, any poison?

Not long ago we posted an article on DOC’s failure to show one endangered species in recovery, in spite of $3.5 BILLION being spent! That’s a large sum of money to just shrug your shoulders at. There needs to be some accountability. People are asking questions and rightly so.

These Kiwis were only the tagged ones too, so the numbers may well be just the tip of the iceberg!

An important note to the few who think this article is emotive and inflammatory … PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE AT THE LINK PROVIDED at the end. There are further details about the OIA request, analyses of the results and responses by DOC

Clearly folk have not read it in its entirety. And the point of my introductory remarks is that the dead birds were not tested by DOC for cause of death. Surely a logical thing to do, not just expect the public to assume/believe it wasn’t 1080?



“Surprisingly, given so much poison has been dropped across the forest, not a single kiwi from the 89 deaths has been tested for 1080 poison residues.”

89 Dead Kiwi – 1080 Clearly Not Working

This is an offical press release from the Graf Bothers 

“It has been revealed through an OIA request that tagged kiwi have been dying in large numbers in one of our most heavily 1080 treated forests.

Aerial 1080 drops first began in the Tongariro Forest in 1976 and have been followed with subsequent drops in parts of the forest in 1988, 1989, 1991, and over much of the forest in 1995, 1996, 1997, 2001, and 2006. Another drop was carried out last week covering around 15,000 hectares.

It would be reasonable to assume, after so much 1080 poison has been spread across the forest, there could be no sign of a ferret or stoat for miles – surely?

Not so. In the last 5 years, revealed through the DoC OIA request, 89 tagged kiwi, of all ages, have died in the Tongariro forest. Keeping in mind that the tagged kiwi only represent a fraction of the wild population, the actual numbers, from a population perspective, may be enormous.

More concerning is what’s killing the birds. The assumed cause of death, in most cases … is predation by ferret. We are told by DoC kiwi can defend themselves from mustelid attacks, once they reach 1.5kg in weight. Yet, many of these birds are adults.

When discussing the use of 1080, the DoC use sentences like “overwhelmingly successful”, “very effective”, “rapid knockdown” to justify their poisoning campaigns.
“It’s the best tool we have for managing pests, and keeping predators at bay.” At least that’s what we’re lead to believe by The Department of Conservation, the PCE, and Forest and Bird.


(it is important for further facts around the OIA to read the full article)

Here is an article reporting a whistle blower’s information around dead Kea that were tested for 1080 by DOC.  

What DOC doesn’t want you to know about 1080 (leaked report)

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40 thoughts on “OIA request reveals 89 Dead Kiwi in 1080 treated Tongariro Forest – and not one was tested by DOC for 1080 poisoning – Press Release from Graf Brothers”

  1. So an OIA request found someone official had recorded cause of death – guess that was outsourced by DOC to another party then
    Let’s do another survey. How many of the readers of this article are hunters.


  2. Regardless of what killed the kiwi the whole argument can be boiled down with math…
    $3.5b spent on 1080
    •DOC can’t point to one species in recovery
    •Dead kiwi are from 1080 (then 1080 isn’t working)
    •Dead kiwi are from predation (then 1080 isn’t working).
    •We are dropping enough every year to kill 22m people yet apparently rodents and possums are still present in huge numbers (then 1080 isn’t working).
    I’m sorry but I can’t see any result other than 1080 isn’t working.
    Let’s try another 3.5b worth of poison on our lands just to be sure since we are using the fire and hope method rather than scientific evidence based research.
    I have more native bird song in my five trees in residential Auckland than there were in the video clip from Clive Graf with a councillor in a bush block controlled with 1080.
    That’s just disgusting.

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    1. Great isn’t it Anonymous! And not re hashed, it’s new news. Stuff they didn’t think to tell us praps? That amid all the controversy over the fact NZ uses a poison banned in most other places on the planet, they didn’t think to autopsy the 89 Kiwi for THAT poison. And let’s not forget this one … https://envirowatchrangitikei.wordpress.com/2016/09/23/the-stock-deaths-from-1080-poison-how-doc-is-hiding-them-in-the-paper-work-still-trust-them/


  3. An important note to the few who think this article is emotive and inflammatory … PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE AT THE LINK PROVIDED at the end. There are further details about the OIA request, analyses of the results and responses by DOC.

    Clearly folk have not read it in its entirety. And the point of my introductory remarks is that the dead birds were not tested by DOC for cause of death. Surely a logical thing to do, not just expect the public to assume/believe it wasn’t 1080?


    1. It IS emotive and inflammatory when it’s headed by a photo that bears no resemblance to the article, and it would be more honest to state “an average of 18 dead tagged kiwi per year in the last 5 years” than to plant “89” in the clip.


      1. No resemblance Geoff? Ah… the poison of choice is 1080 that is pictured there. And yes I suppose saying 18 a year softens the blow a bit doesn’t it? Rather than saying 89 all up. Whatever way you spin it they still didn’t bother to test for 1080. And they could’ve actually proved their own theories correct. Wonder why they didn’t? Guess they didn’t expect anybody would be requesting an OI did they?


      2. Maggie Barry should of stuck to gardens and flowers stupid bloody mole come on wins ton Go labour see where they stand faggots are all gone thank god well some of them.


  4. There should be a maf inspection towards 1080 poisoning that the infomation is clear and a full ortopsy that these animals have 1080 poisoning .its then when you have the mandate .arnt we ment to protect our native bird s not poison them its a shocking solution this type of eradication scares our children and makes many people angre because off its cruelty and slow killing death that the animals suffer a long slow painful death once they consume fluro acid …not a good out come in that aspect …

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  5. If anyone wants to confirm the statements made above all you need to do is walk into a block that has had a resent 1080 drop ,the silence is deafening you will know when you are there no birds calling at all, we all know that 1080 is not as cost affective as they claim with high unemployment we could go back to a culling program that would be selective in its results there are plenty of good hunters out there that have a deep love of the bush that would take on this role with great results given the chance ,why dont we try something that works for a change instead of burying our heads in the sand if you have not been into these areas and seen how bad this poison is dont bother putting pro poison comments up you dont gave that right

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  6. 3.5 billion in what time frame? How many trappers and traps would that buy/pay? How many jobs could we offer to some of our second chance learners who struggle with learning difficulties who would excel in this environment in our beautiful outdoors? (and what a quality lifestyle) and and and. I use to drive to paradise dart river in mnt aspiring every day. The amount of wild cats I saw was alarming. What the plan here?

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  7. Why doesn’t someone just burn down the place that stores it. Just joking it just seems in this day and age they won’t do anything about it till someone dies why hasn’t someone contacted Eryn Brockervich she would jump at something like this. One question how much tax is the government getting from this.


    1. Thing is Doug, the Govt is involved in making it now. One DC in Sth Is has a factory somewhere (I would have to find the links but I know it is now more in house). And glad you are joking re burn it down 😉 as we don’t advocate violence to solve anything, we simply aim to expose corruption & lies & there’s plenty of that going on with the current corporate regime. Contacting Erin is a very good idea. Thanks for your comment. 🙂


      1. The Factory is in Rolleston and is partly funded by the Westland District Council. They have given a lot towards it , but the major shareholders are 1/2 1/2 Govt ministers in other words it is owned by the Govt. But there is a place out side Blenheim that stores 1080 ready for shipment elsewhere. We are working on where that is.


    2. Yesterday, 8th September, this post had 6.5K views, unprecedented for this site. This tells me people are concerned about 1080. (I also received a nasty email & FB message with threatening overtones from somebody).
      Please continue to share this info, and particularly, support the Graf Brothers & their videos on YT & their site. They are very actively involved. And write to the Govt and register you disapproval of this toxic method of eradication. We used to just trap pests in an ecologically friendly way. Thanks all for your comments 🙂

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    3. Why don’t they just fuck off with this shit who knows if it’s really workin on what it’s meant to be killing or maybe it is for the kiwi by looks of it .Do they just dump az they please who organises these drops and who approves it?

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  8. WTF,these clowns boast how they can flick out 1080 from a helicopter and be within metres of the operational boundary,if a foot hunter leaves a carcass in a creek doc kicks up a stink…but its ok to drop 1080 where ever they want ,there is no accountability for stock losses ldog losses,las unto themselves,,this has t change,more and more scandals need to g on tv so NZ can see the truth behind the so called magic green dream!!!!

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  9. From DoC’s point of view it would be in their best interest to conduct the tests for Compound 1080 (fluoroacetate) on the stomach contents and body tissues of these dead kiwis and demonstrate with actual toxicological EVIDENCE that 1080 was not a primary or contributing factor to the deaths of these kiwis.

    The question is, why didn’t they do it?


  10. I know we need to control the pests but the price that’s been paid using 1080 is too high . Perhaps using bait stations and get the pest to a level where the numbers are except able and can co exist with native animals / birds / plants

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  11. I cannot understand why the Kiwi is being killed off in Tongariro Forest because in some parts of NZ they are doing all that can be done to protect them and give them a good environment to grow and multiply.
    What is going on?

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      1. I doubt the Graf Brothers are into lying. Why would they waste their time? One of them is a District Councilor. Ask them at their YT channel. I’m sure they would supply the info for you Lovelee. In fact if you read the article properly & all the links there there is more info.

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