What DOC doesn’t want you to know about 1080 Poison (leaked report)

The recent post about 89 dead Kiwis that DOC didn’t bother to test for 1080 poisoning relates to this report of birds that actually were tested. Thanks to the person with a conscience who let the public know what is going on!

From 1080science on Youtube

Published on Jul 5, 2014

In 2008 an employee of the Department of Conservation leaked an internal report to The Dominion Post. This internal report acknowledged the death of the Kea Parrot due to aerial dropped 1080 poison.

The NZ Government is about to poison the Kea Parrot again with massive aerial drops of 1080 poison.

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Visit http://1080science.co.nz for more info on 1080.

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13 thoughts on “What DOC doesn’t want you to know about 1080 Poison (leaked report)”

    1. maybe u should look at the water contamination in hastings and why they have been silent about the cause.My thoughts are that they have dropped 1080 nearby the animals that have been poisoned have gone to water as animals do when poisoned and they have died in the water catchment and contaminated the supply.

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      1. somebody else has raised that point here Dave. On the deer post a week or so back. The possibility ie. Any info you have do post it. Would take a bit of research & on 1080 of course we’d not get any admissions going by the coverups that have been going on.


      2. I already knew it was of man. It’s going to happen more and more. My family lives there. I think they’ve put something in the water deliberately. Did anybody get it independently tested. I been getting rainwater and such but need the cash to test. I’m a student so on a budget. Might hit up Malcom Scott at UC to test as he received a letter from the ministry to keep hem trails from the public knowledge.

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        1. Received a letter eh? Well, that is interesting luverley! On the water, needs somebody local to do some investigation, testing etc. I imagine that could quite possibly be happening do you think?


      3. Here Dave is a quote from a blogger so you are not alone in your thinking: “The recent Havelock North water contamination, the more I watch and follow this issue, I do think it was a deliberate contamination.
        Over the last two public meetings to allay local’s fears it has been said more than once that what happens in Havelock North will have some bearing, dictate even, what happens to water supplies over the rest of the country in the future. There is talk of chlorinating all (70% of NZ water supplies are now chlorinated) and more to the point as new legislation rolls out to “protect” people, no doubt it could also be used as an opportunity to alter legislation to favor even more control by government on our water resources and not necessarily for our benefit either.”


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