NZ: It’s been reported a BOP port worker died 2 days after the COVID-19 injection

NZ’s Outdoors Party has noted the report of the death of a port worker in Tauranga two days after taking the Pfizer injection. (Sincere condolences to this family).
* (Link to MD letter to FDA at the end)

A comment on Facebook also confirms a ‘port worker from his street’ having died, citing alleged coercion by his employer.

If after looking at possible side effects to this jab, you decide you would prefer not to take the risk but know your employer may insist, learn about your rights of refusal by listening to NZ Lawyer Sue Grey at the link.


Whilst it is frequently pointed out there is no proof that the jab is causing the adverse reactions world wide (see comment below by NZ vaccinologist Helen Petousis-Harris) why are we not seeing autopsies regarding the 1500 odd deaths (now 1700+) and 31,000 injuries to date (with only 1% reporting) to get to the bottom of this bizarre ‘coincidence’? After all is not the purpose of VAERS to report a post vaccination injury?

No proof of cause and effect cannot surely be taken as proof of safety can it?

*Here is a link to the letter by an MD to the FDA that is referred to.


Photo: @ Wikipedia, “View of the Port of Tauranga, taken from Pilot bay”. By, CC BY 3.0 nz,

5 thoughts on “NZ: It’s been reported a BOP port worker died 2 days after the COVID-19 injection”

  1. It’s been mentioned on the MSM that 50% of NZers have no interest in being jabbed by this experimental medical treatment. There was also a report on an overseas MSM channel (CNN I think) that for a 50 year old the chance of dying from Coronavirus-19 is 1 in 500. So why are the other 50% interested in the risks of trying these rushed treatments? Brainwashed by the Jacinda government?

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    1. That is good news. I listen occasionally to MSM news but had not heard that % yet. Great. And yes I agree, brainwashed… well indoctrinated. If the man in the white coat says its safe, well it simply ‘must be’. end of story.

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  2. Yeah I concur about those stats, but yesterday they were making a big song and dance because “latest polls” show 52% now want the jab. Woopee. However the number of definite “no way” responses ws only a few percent, the rest were hesitants or wait-and-see.
    An associate of mine has a niece in hospital just one day after taking the jab in Aussie. Unfortunately I can’t share details so purely anecdotal.
    Anyhow I’m sharing this article with the disclaimer: “Correlation does not necessarily indicate causation. Having said that, these coincidences may amount to a connection, so we take note of them.”.

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  3. Thanks Martin. And ‘coincidences’ of course explain the epidemic proportions the incidence of autism and allergies we are seeing. Coincidence has much to answer for.


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