A NZ District Health Board initiates a one-off free meal scheme for port workers who take the covid-19 injection

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“The DHB approached us [foodhouse] to see if we were willing to partner with them and I just thought it was a good way to support a small businesses like ours and to encourage those front line staff so they have the vaccine.”

“It is to show appreciation for them doing what they’re doing, because it’s not an easy decision,” she says. “There’s a lot of unknowns about it. “It’s a scary thing for them to have to do and I’m appreciative of them and their decisions.”

The BOPDHB state that the food vouchers are a demonstration of hospitality and generosity to those workers currently being vaccinated.”

“…food vouchers are a demonstration of manaakitanga,” says BOPDHB incident controller Trevor Richardson.

“As Māori it is customary that hui are followed by a kai so, for our vaccinators and many port workers who are whānau Māori, this is not an unusual practice.”

“…Vaccinated workers can grab a large seafood chowder and some fried bread.” End Quote.

EWR comment: So a local government health department (DHB) initiates a scheme to encourage covid-19 injection uptake. “A scary thing to do” admits the food house.

Scary? Why?

Because as also admitted “there’s a lot of unknowns about it” (ie it is experimental, approved for emergency use, and untested). Pfizer’s own website acknowledges the long term safety data and proof of efficacy does not yet exist.

It will likely not be insured against. (Two insurance companies have been named as not insuring … ask your insurance company if they will insure you for any possible damages.) The government has excused Pfizer from any liability.

If it is so safe, then why did they need to?

There has been a death reported of a port worker already in this particular city, two days after receiving the Pfizer injection. Whilst the experts tell us there is no proof of correlation between the jabs and the so far 1500+ deaths & thousands of injuries reported, surely, no proof of a correlation cannot be taken as proof of safety can it? Below is comment about this by a NZ vaccinologist.

I am eagerly awaiting feedback by “experts reviewing the cases”. (I did ask the esteemed vaccinologist at the post about autopsies but no reply was forthcoming).

So clearly it would appear that people are under duress at the threat of losing their jobs if they ‘don’t comply’ with their employer’s demand to get the jab?

Listen to your rights around that here as explained by NZ Lawyer Sue Grey.

Our government has continued to assure us the jab will not be mandatory.



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  1. Wow so now we need food incentives to get a vaccine? Do people really not see throught this? It’s not a happy meal folks. If it really was life-saving then you wouldn’t need the carrot of a free meal to get it done would you? Bizarre.

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