For those still deciding about the new non-mandatory CV vaccine … here is a list of factors to consider

As the covid-19 vaccine rolls out in NZ it would be useful for you to consider the following information before deciding whether or not you should take it. Some countries for instance are recommending certain age groups not take it, and NZ has stated they are not planning to vaccinate children with it yet. Still others have declined it. Deaths following vaccination, have been notable in the elderly age group so you may want to examine the statistics on behalf of your elderly loved ones. (Note, I have been following these developments since the discussion began in 2020, and find that the media is not providing clear information regarding the damages and deaths in other countries that have rolled it out so far. This important information is in fact being censored, in light of which you may find some of these links no longer work). This is not medical advice, however available below are links to information that is freely available in the public domain. These contain valuable independent information from Medical Professionals for you to consider:

  1. This particular vaccine is still in its experimental stages. It has only been approved for emergency use. Normally vaccines take 7-10 years to develop, however this one has been developed in less than 12 months, skipping the animal testing phase, and dubbed by Brian Hooker, a Biologist, Chemist at Simpson University (US) a ‘recipe for disaster’.
    video at 4 min 56 sec.
  2. So far, for those having taken the vaccine, there have been many deaths and injuries. A nursing home in the UK for instance recorded 24 deaths in three weeks
    To be more specific, the VAERS register of adverse reactions in the US (where fewer than 1% actually report their injuries) at mid February 2020, reported 653 deaths, now 9,048 and 12,044 other injuries, now 520,747 (as at 7 August 2021). The European Union’s stats at 31 July are 20,525 deaths and 1,960,607 injuries; the UK’s is 1,403 deaths and 1,007,253 injuries at 23 June; 57 deaths in NZ (citizens register, 7 August, now over 100); Australia, 313 deaths and 24,000 injuries at June 20; Scotland, 5,522 deaths at 23 June. (See News page, right hand column for links to these stats). (All updates on these stats can be seen on our news page, right hand column, some you can click on to locate an article).

    Deaths have included Medical Doctors, Nurses & frontline workers. You can hear the stories of injuries from some of the victims themselves at this link:
    and at this link you can hear a distressed care worker for the elderly describing 14 deaths in the two weeks following vaccination of his patients when hitherto there’d been none :
    and finally this post on injuries:
  3. Dr Vernon Coleman, a UK MD, has supplied a draft list of 32 possible side effects compiled by the FDA – the Food and Drug Administration in the US, as follows: Guillain-Barre syndrome, Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, Transverse myelitis, Encephalitis, Myelitis, Encephalomyelitis, Meningoencephalitis, Meningitis, Encephalopathy, Convulsions, Seizures, Stroke, Narcolepsy, Cataplexy, Anaphylaxis, Acute myocardial, infarction (heart attack), Myocarditis, Pericarditis, Autoimmune disease, Death,
    Pregnancy, Birth outcomes, Other acute demyelinating diseases, Non anaphylactic allergy reactions, Thromocytopenia, Disseminated intravascular coagulation, Venous thromboembolism, Arthritis, Arthralgia, Joint pain, Kawasaki disease, Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, Vaccine enhanced disease: (note click on ‘Health’ left column, then Feb 14th ‘How many are the vaccines killing?)
    See also this article comparing FDA’s list with the NZ govt’s:
    The CV Jab: Compare possible side effects listed by the NZ Govt with those listed by the FDA
  4. Doctors and other professional people from around the world have been attempting to warn the public of the potentially devastating effects of these experimental vaccines. You can listen to just a few of them in the video at this link, there are many more:
    MD s include Dr Hilda De Smet (Belgium), Dr Nils R Foss (Norway), Dr Elizabeth Evans (UK), Dr Mohammad Adil (UK), Dr Ralf E R Sundberg (Sweden), Dr Anna Forbes (UK), Dr Anne Fierlafijn (Belgium), Dr Piotr Rubas (Poland), Dr Natalia Prego Cancelo (Spain), Dr Rashid Buttar (USA), Dr Nour De San (France), Dr Kelly Brogan (USA), Dr Sherri Tenpenny (USA), Dr Heiko Santelmann (Germany), Dr Mikael Nordfors (Sweden), Dr Elke F de Klerk (Holland), Dr Tom Cowan (USA), Dr Carrie Madej (USA), and others include Dr Andrew Kaufman (MD & Forensic Psychiatrist, USA), Dr Vernon Coleman (GP, UK), Prof. Dolores Cahill (Molecular Biologist & Immunologist, Ireland), Dr Zac Cox (Holistic Dentist & Homeopath, UK), Dr Johan Denis (MD & Homeopath, Belgium), (Medical Journalist, Germany), Dr Kevin B Corbett (Retired Nurse & Health Scientist, UK), Dr Barre Lando (Physician, USA), Kate Shemirani (Natural Nurse, UK), Sandy Lunoe (Pharmacist, Norway), Boris Dragin (Acupuncturist, Sweden), Prof Konstantin Pavlidis (Metaphysicist, UK), Senta Depuydt (Journalist, Belgium), Dr Margareta Griesz-Brisson (Neurologist, Germany), Moritz von der Borch, (Medical Journalist, Germany)
  5. “The world death rate for 2020 is .012% higher than it was in 2019 not indicative of a massive epidemiologic pandemic” (Christiane Northrup, OB/GYN, Author & Speaker) video at 3min 48sec
  6. Vaccine manufacturers have been absolved from any liability for damages (and have been since 1986) so should you suffer a serious side effect from the vaccine it appears you will be on your own.
  7. Finally, for an overview, I recommend you listen to a lecture given by Dr Simone Gold from America’s Frontline Doctors:
  8. Another useful resource for points to consider should you wish to dig deeper:
  9. And a well balanced NZ resource is the YT channel of Dr Sam Bailey. See her playlist of COVID videos at this link.
    She interviews other medical specialists & has assisted in updating a book written in 2007 called Virus Mania to include COVID.
    (By (author)  Torsten Engelbrecht , By (author)  Koehnlein Claus , By (author)  Bailey Samatha )

    There is a great deal more information I could supply but have not done so in the interests of keeping this as brief and easily readable as possible. Explore the links and search ‘categories’ here. While envirowatchrangitikei is still visible, search ‘covid vaccine deaths’ and ‘covid vaccine reaction’ found in ‘categories’ at the left of the news page. NOTE: this is not medical advice, the information supplied is freely available in the public domain. Further copies to print can be dowloaded at this link: This information compiled by Pam Vernon also at

    Note: the above information is available to download and distribute to your contacts via email or printed copy at the Resources page at the main menu. You can also print it from the ‘print’ tab at the end of the article. It will be updated from time to time. Remember, the vaccine is not mandatory. If you are unsure you can wait until you’ve considered all the information. EWR

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