The NZ Doctor threatened by the Ministry of Health says NZ’s 1080 ‘Battle for the Birds’ seems more like a mad scientist experiment to kill off every living thing

Here is recent communication from Dr Charlie Baycroft posted by Carol Sawyer. He has been threatened with prosecution by the Ministry of Health for suggesting folk have before and after 1080 tests if they are worried about being affected by a 1080 poison drop. FYI if you are unfamiliar with the non-mainstream science & dialogue on 1080, see our 1080 pages for links & particularly watch the 4x international award winning film  ‘Poisoning Paradise’ by NZ’s GrafBoys, a film the NZ government doesn’t want you to see. For more information on previous suspected poisonings by 1080 see this page. Search categories (left of page) for other recent 1080 articles or use the search box.  The following three articles are of particular relevance to the info below about and by Dr Baycroft. The second one describes the concerns another NZ Medical Doctor had about 1080 poisoning that went unrecognized by the authorities:

1. Banned in most countries & classified by WHO as ‘Highly Hazardous’… 1080 is a broad-spectrum poison that kills ALL oxygen-breathing animals and organisms – Dr Meriel Watts

2. Could this Healthy 23 Year Old’s Cardiac Arrest Have Been Caused by Exposure to 1080? … We Will Never Know Because Incredibly, the NZ Lab Lost Her Heart!




“On the 1080 front, the battle to save the birds seems more like a mad scientist experiment to kill off every living thing, including birds, in our environment. 1080 also Kills People !”… “no other nation on earth would consider doing it” …. Dr Charlie Baycroft


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Dr. Charles Baycroft says :

“Hi From Singapore.

It was really satisfying to meet and teach so many Therapists in Scandinavia about Gait Optimization and receive such a good response.

On the other hand, I have also received a very threatening letter from the NZ Ministry of Health stating that I might be prosecuted and fined $10,000.00 because I have said that I believe the irresponsible and unwarranted spreading of deadly 1080 poison in New Zealand poses a threat to human health. I am wondering what part of the word poison the NZ Ministry of Health does not understand and why they are not as or more concerned than I am.

Apparently, I am not supposed to have any opinions about human health because I do not hold a current practising certificate. That’s right I do not have a current practising certificate because I gave it up myself when I sold my Riccarton clinic.

For the information of the Ministry of Health and anyone else who might not realize it, one’s intelligence, knowledge and experience in Medicine does not expire because you stop paying an annual fee to prescribe drugs and bill the government. Duh?

I am taking legal advice and have asked the MOH if they will agree to allow their response to be made public because I feel that I am being threatened and bullied for caring about the health and lives of my fellow citizens. Watch this space.

On the 1080 front, the battle to save the birds seems more like a mad scientist experiment to kill off every living thing, including birds, in our environment. 1080 also Kills People !”

See the article below from the Westport News advising people to have before & after 1080 health checks

Copy of 32928250_2106795422934106_6132467091069992960_n.jpg

Photo – Westport News, 5 April, 2018

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  1. I was one of the 200,000 plus people who experienced the 663,000 litres of Foray48b spray over west Auckland 2002 – 2004. The 663,000 litres of Foray48b didn’t include the ground spray. When the first lot of Foray 48b was used up they brought in a new batch – this time with no health studies: near enough was good enough they said… and they kept spraying. They sprayed in high wind. They sprayed in the rain. Yep, it is the same old same old. “Doing nothing is not an option” they said back then for the PAM moth – which by the way I never saw. Even angry west Aucklanders who had lost say their jobs, their health and family members to the spray and were seriously looking for moths so that they could be sent down to Wellington could not find any. “Doing nothing is not an option” they say now about the 1080 drops. “We can’t use ground methods to control pests because these areas are too remote,” but in the meantime anyone can pick up 1080 bait along tracks or on the road. 1080 rains down on hikers, on people, on cattle and its smell can be smelt by forestry workers – doesn’t sound like ‘remote’ to me.

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    1. Thank you Janita for that shocking feed back. That spray event is not something I’ve ever posted on. Would be good to cover it at some stage. Be keen to hear from you if you have more info. As to what you say re 1080, yes it’s truth that many NZer’s are oblivious to.


  2. Hello.
    This threat is old news. I replied and then no more correspondence or answers to the relevant questions that I asked. Perhaps they forgot that old retired doctors without practicing certificates are not afraid of them?

    In a recent facebook post, someone reported asking there doctor about investigations of exposure to 1080 and was told to “Google it”. I would have expected a more polite and maybe even concerned response.
    This especially odd because the medical officer of health for that area alleges that local doctors have been sent “up to date information” about investigating exposure to 1080. This includes advice that the specific test for 1080 can be funded and free, which the same person previously denied.

    Did the Doctors receive this information?
    Did they bother to read it?
    Is the information really “up to date” and accurate? Maybe not?
    What about the patients? Should they not receive this information as well?
    Apparently not because I asked and was told it is only available if requested in reference to the Official Information Act. I applied but still did not receive it but did find that someone had put it on Facebook.

    Good news seems to be that Medical Officers of Health (some, perhaps) are starting to understand what the word “poison” means and that 1080 KILLS PEOPLE.

    The bad news seems to be that they are being all “secret squirrel” about letting people who might become ill from 1080 know what to do about it.

    In case you have any doubt, the MOH and their clerical employees have a great deal of control over our medical professions and they do not take kindly to anyone expressing an opinion that they disagree with.
    Working Doctors with current practicing certificates have to tread lightly where the MOH and their agendas are concerned.

    Old retired ones without practicing certificates still have the freedom to say what they think when they are sincerely concerned that people might be exposed to chemical weapons that could harm or kill them and never be detected.

    Dr. Charlie Baycroft
    (No longer having to pay for an annual practicing certificate or deal with our deteriorating medical system)


    1. Thank you Charles. Your comment is appreciated, particularly further clarification on the state of our medical system which I did suspect anyway. A friend was recently advised to google the results of her blood tests. Very strange. And all very disturbing in light of the lack of info around 1080. I will add your comment to the post.


  3. Why do DOC & Eugenie Sage spread so much Misinformation about 1080 Poison, and why do the teach young School children that it is not very harmful to humans?


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