The 4x award winning film the NZ Govt doesn’t want you to see

“The following New Zealand film has won 4 international environmental awards – but here in NZ, TV channels refuse to play it. Why? Because if they did, there would be outrage and riots over New Zealand’s use of aerially applied 1080 poison. See for yourself … ” From TheGrafBoys‘ Youtube Channel

For over 15 years the New Zealand Government has been systematically dropping massive amounts of food, laced with a cruel and universally toxic poison into its forest ecosystems. Enough poison every year to kill the entire population of NZ four times over. No other country is doing, or ever has done, anything remotely similar on such a scale.

Sodium Fluoroacetate

Animals poisoned by 1080 die a long, slow and horrible death

1080 is an alias for Monofluoroacetate, a chemical. It blocks a particular step in the Krebs Cycle (Citric Acid Cycle) which is essential for the metabolism of oxygen in every cell of every animal. It kills everything that breathes air, everything from earthworms to elephants, including native birds. The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies 1080 as ‘Extremely Hazardous’, most countries ban it outright. NZ uses 85% of the world’s supply … I’m not sure what that means but I guess the world hasn’t figured out what a wonderful thing it really is.

Dr Q Whiting-OKeefe (BA Chemistry, Math), MD, FACMI


Poisoning our water

In Oct 2014 two of Auckland’s water supply lakes were closed for four months because the herbicide metsulfuron-methyl has been found in them. Soon afterwards, Auckland City Council announced that they planned to drop 1080 on the Hunua Ranges, the source of their water supply. The Greymouth Star reported on Oct 16 2014 that the West Coast Regional Council had admitted they have a $500,00 investment in a new factory that is considering themanufacture of 1080 near Christchurch.  A metabolic poison, 1080 is extremely toxic to all air-breathing organisms. In most countries it is banned outright or severely restricted because of its lethality and its indiscriminate killing power. For further information on 1080 (NZ uses about 90% of the world’s production!) read here:

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6 thoughts on “The 4x award winning film the NZ Govt doesn’t want you to see”

  1. Please email or write to your MP and / or any NZ TV channel and complain about the fact that this documentary named Poisoning Paradise has never been shown on mainstream media.
    I’ve studied 1080 poison use in NZ closely. NZ now has a Poison Industrial Complex (PIC) which deliberately targets the media with good news propaganda justifying it’s continued existance.
    If you don’t believe me read the latest book exposing New Zealand’s PIC

    “The Killing Nation New Zealand’s State-Sponsored Addiction To Poison 1080” 193pp published 2017. author Reihana  Robinson. Available on Amazon.

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    1. Thanks for the link Jim. I will post this too. Please read people.
      “Environmental activist and researcher Reihana Robinson explodes the carefully cultivated myth of New Zealand as the “Clean and Green” paradise of the South Pacific. While her country’s government and tourism industry promote images of exotic native bush, rare avian species, clean running streams, and untainted farms, Robinson lays bare New Zealand’s “Dirty Little Environmental Secret” – the wholesale poisoning of the landscape with one of the world’s deadliest poisons to combat pest species, all in the name of “conservation”. New Zealand stands alone in the world for its widespread and growing use of the supertoxin “1080” ….”


  2. Curious where we can find out more about these awards… you make the film sounds so prestigious but I can’t find any information about the people/organizations that offered the awards. Please help! A friend has been teasing me, saying that they don’t really exist

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    1. They actually do. I have seen an article by somebody who researched it because of the same questions. If I can find it will post it here. Just can’t right now as I am very tight for time. But definitely yes, 4 awards. If you’re on FB you could ask Clyde himself. Or Carol Sawyer. They will know. 🙂


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