Unofficially there have been 6 deaths in NZ following the CV jab, officially yesterday … 2 more

NZ stats will not be available until July it’s been said. The Health Forum NZ however has been receiving information from people close those who passed away post-vax, and gauging unofficial numbers.

The Health Forum NZ Facebook page is well monitored, maintains a very high standard and has 6.5K membership with much feedback from people ‘on the ground’. That includes nurses working on the front line, who understandably wish to remain anonymous.

I have listened to & read the info provided there and gleaned the following:

Direct quote:

“I am personally aware (as a result of contact from individuals or family members) that there are a number of New Zealanders who have now had serious reactions including
*anaphylaxis requiring hospitalization;
* severe stroke (in intensive care)
* a seizure one day after the vx
*brain aneurysm, severely ill
* 6-7 unexpected sudden deaths within 48 hrs of taking the CV injection (temporally related to vaccination but not necessarily proven to be the result of the vaccination).” (Edited to include detail from video commentary).

Links to known info on two of the deaths can be found here and here.

Today, 8th May 2021, tvnz reported the death of two elderly people in NZ following the jab. No details available yet except to say ‘no direct link has been established.

Where else in history has a vx roll out continued unabated with more then 10K post vx deaths recorded to date? When less than 1% get reported?

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  1. Just heard firsthand stories from a family member of severe reactions (one in intensive care) immediately following jab. I’ll share more if I get permission.

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      1. Email communication from close family member:

        “Thought you might be interested to know, four people —— works with have had the COVID vaccine (he’s refused it) as they do some work in—————, two of them ended up having severe reactions to it & one is currently in intensive care in hospital, trouble breathing at first but now kidneys failing & brain swell … somehow I don’t think mainstream media will want to share that kind of info!”

        Needless to say, the source is 100% trustworthy, as is the individual who wisely refused the vaccine (also known to me and also a close relative).

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        1. Thanks Martin, really sorry to hear this if this is a relative. Can I share it? I have a meme waiting that Sue Grey’s mentioned the many contacting her about both deaths & injuries not reported.

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  2. Hi Pam, the hospitalised person is a workmate of a family member (the family contact wisely REFUSED the jab) but the story can be shared wifely (I checked and confirmed its Ok to share).

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    1. Thanks Martin, I did share you may have seen. Someone told me today of the deaths of 2 elderly folk in Dunedin (rest home I think). Not sure if they were the ones reported in MS or not.

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  3. This is very concerning. Are there some honest investigative journalists who can explore this disturbing news? Be courageous enough to ask Mr Bloomfield at a press conference? I’ve been on the fence about the vaccine waiting for information. As I am – touch wood – in excellent health I prefer the precautionary approach and avoid unknown and uncertain interference with my current healthy immune system. The best way to stop the covid virus is what NZ did in March April 2020 total shutdown to stop the spread. Less hugging and kissing and more handwashing! We are fortunate to be an island also. India, Brazil and USA – so many unneccesary deaths – due to right-wing idiots who dismissed the seriousness of this virus.


    1. Kia ora manukapath. Great to hear from you 🙂 Very wise, ‘precautionary approach’. And yes (which we hear little of) keep strengthening your own immune system. Have you been following Lawyer Sue Grey’s work, she’s challenging Hipkins’ official approach in court today (see recent posts, update coming soon). What will also be of interest to you is today’s post on the pamphlets from the new concerned citizens website. They have provided info not being provided for folk to make FULLY INFORMED consent.


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