Two NZ deaths reported following the CV experimental injection – Medical staff involved said they were not related to the vaccine

Update: a third senior person has passed following the V. Documented with CARM apparently, I will add details when I have them. (@12/5/21)

Condolences to the families of these dear folk. We do hope the authorities will be looking into the exact cause of death ? I find it absolutely remarkable that world wide more than 10K (reported) deaths whose one common denominator was the jab, are considered unrelated to the jab. (Unofficially, there have been 6 other NZ deaths of folk who had had the jab in the previous 48 hrs, info gathered from reliable sources & made public at The Health Forum NZ FB page).

Meanwhile, NZ Lawyer, Sue Grey says her messages are overflowing with other NZ cases that apparently didn’t make it onto CARM (NZ’s reporting system for adverse reactions).

Quote: “When I worked as a health protection officer we listened to and acted on public information ( as do the police and the courts). We watched, listened and followed up whatever we could to try to protect public health.Why has that changed? Why is the govt actively pursuing Information about possible harm from Covid but not harm from the Pfizer Vax?”



This is from tvnz …”

The Ministry of Health has told 1 NEWS it is aware of the deaths of the two people, believed to be in their 80s, who received the Pfizer/BioNTech jab, however no direct link between the vaccine and their deaths has been established.

While medical staff involved consider the deaths to be unrelated to the vaccine they are being officially reported “through an abundance of caution”, the ministry said.

The deaths are being reported to the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring which means Medsafe will “closely” monitor the official reports.

“Our sincere sympathy to their families and friends who are grieving their loss,” the Ministry of Health told 1 NEWS.

It is not known when the two people were given the vaccine, or how long it was after receiving the injection they died.”


A TV3 announcement (video may not work due to settings) at the end of the news told the public that the deaths were considered by the medical staff involved to be ‘unrelated to the vaccine’. The public will be interested to hear how they came to this apparently firm conclusion I am sure. (The item is not headlined on TV3’s website you may be able to hear it if there are replays available).

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  1. This, like all the other ones, goes under that big tax payers funded Carpet. Medsafe and the government are just a bunch of Loose Units that will not ever endeavor to investigate the real cause of this, because they already know! They are just a bunch of criminals. Since when do perfectly healthy people have to vaccinated for a fictitious condition or a virus that has never been isolated?, never mind the PCR test which is no test at all (nano tech?). You all have a lovely day and stay well away from those Criminals that parades like a government.

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