A farmer who lost 570 ewes following an accidental 1080 drop on his farm said that 6 months later sheep were still dying

Back in 1994 Dr Meriel Watts wrote in her book The Poisoning of New Zealand*, of constant phone calls to the Soil & Health Assn by  folk asking … “Is 1080 safe & do I have to let them drop it on my property?” The Association’s view at the time she said was ‘no’ and ‘no’. Soil & Health’s submission to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s Possum Management review stated that “the current practice of distributing by air large amounts of 1080-laced carrot and pollard baits over large areas has lead to unacceptable risks to the environment, human health, dogs, farm stock, birds and other members of the ecosystem.” (p 186, 187).

That submission cited various incidents experienced by farmers.

“In one case a South Island farm lost 570 ewes when 1080 was dropped in his pastures as a result of the helicopter swinging too wide when dropping over bush patches. His sheep were still dying up to six months later; there were also a large number of abortions.” (Dr M Watts, p 187)

“In another case … a central North Island farmer came home to find 1080 spread all over her farm and around her house. There was a nice sign stating this fact, but no prior notification and no prior permission given. Fortunately her dogs were locked up.” (Dr M Watts, p 187)

We seldom of course hear of these incidents as they are not normally featured by mainstream media.  It has been highlighted via the GrafBoys’ information that these stats are actually hidden in the paper work. Farmers, when claiming compensation, are required to list that compensation as for purposes other than poisoned stock losses.

Please read the comments below as a farmer has shared about the loss of his dogs to likely 1080 poisoning.

See tv-wild.co.nz also for further info from the GrafBoys. Watch the video on topic at their Youtube channel here.

Photo: Pixabay.com (note, not the actual farm or farmer in the article).

*The Poisoning of New Zealand by Dr Meriel Watts, Ak Institute of Technology Press, 1994

21 thoughts on “A farmer who lost 570 ewes following an accidental 1080 drop on his farm said that 6 months later sheep were still dying”

  1. My huntaway had been chewing on a possum tail while we were in the cattle yard tb testing, the vet said there was nothing to worry about as 1080 had been dropped in bush miles away and a tail would hold no poison at all, locked up dogs that night with food and water in motel style kennels and returned in the morning to find all four dogs dead , they had spewed into the neighbouring kennel to transfer the poison and by the looks had died a cruel death , we were devasted and never fully recovered from that loss. MAF and DOC hushed it up pretty quick now looking back that was in 1992 and still we have ” The killing of New Zealand”

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    1. Horrific!! and so sorry you lost your dogs that way. It seems there are many stories like that have been collated by the researchers. They’re coming out now & thank you for sharing.

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  2. So sorry to read of the loss of your dogs we know all yo well of the cover ups of 1080 misuse in the 1990’s a cruel and vicious killer

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  3. What a crime against NZand Australia the deliberate continued poisoning of both nations , especially NZ is just being saturated fromend to end . SHOULD BE A ROYAL COMMISSION into this flagrant disregard for a global ban on1080

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      1. Al true save our while life. Save our kids the next generation with out them we dont have no filcher .our kids swim an drink that water .save life’s .My Lady died of terminal cancer 27 th Feb only 50 Out of 3.9 million people one out of three will die of cancer yy they don’t no it yet we have highest cancer rate in the world 4 the size of our country. Poison nz al true cheer .


        1. Sorry to hear of your loss Eric. You are correct, hard to believe they are not acknowledging why. Back in the ’70s Dr Samuel Epstein wrote a book about the connection between enviro poisons & cancer. They don’t want to know.

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  4. The cause of the 1080 poisoning of NZ needs to be uncovered. You will no doubt find that it is the Satanic ELites via a UN directive to kill off the New Zealanders so the land is freed up for those who are to move in from the northern hemisphere. Whether it is running from a nuclear war with China, or the grand solar minimum ice age – New Zealand is the most prized country for globalist escapees. They are doing the same to South Africa, but by different means…getting the indigenous blacks to kill the large land owners. New Zealand needs to shut down DOC and the 1080 progam and beef up its defense force sans Lockheed Martin and the USA armed forces.

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    1. “New Zealand needs to shut down DOC and the 1080 progam and beef up its defense force sans Lockheed Martin and the USA armed forces.” … and pigs might fly. The plan is well in motion now you’d agree I’m sure. Next is the 5G rollout and all things surveillance & control.


    2. Very true, Anonymous. This un-elected Govt has already expressed globalist ideals. Conrad Jacinta & demented Winny are bad news for NZ. They’ve had FVEYS and now are planning 5G to maim. O’Sullivan wants to get elected to mandate vaccines and fine people – more eugenics Agenda 21 for the Elite.

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    1. Those kinds of scientists are side lined, gotten rid of Johnson. That’s the sad reality. Same with the GPs who don’t toe the line. Charlie Baycroft retired GP said they are bullied by MoH. Rot from the top to the bottom.

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  5. The government’s intentional systematic poisoning of all New Zealand wildlife, an attempt the rid of self sufficiency in the aim for a One world nation rendering us dependent on the filthy United Nations and then poison us with their GE food.

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