The Stock Deaths from 1080 Poison & how DOC is Hiding them in the Paper Work – Still Trust Them?

Farmers talk of their losses in this clip from the Graf Boys’ ‘Poisoning Paradise’ doco. Deaths described by those interviews include 6 cows, 13 deer, 250 sheep, 160 sheep, cattle and more. When farmers are compensated for their losses they’re declared as, in one case, ‘track maintenance’ and another, ‘stock food’. Included for one farmer was the requirement to sign a confidentiality clause. Complete dishonesty & whitewash by our authorities. Those mandated with ensuring your safety. Still trust them? The clip goes on to discuss the risks of the poison entering our food chain … very real risks if you listen to the eye witness evidence. Possum exports rejected by Japan because they’d seen documentary evidence on 1080 poison drops amongst our animals. A must watch. Please share. Show it to the nay sayers.

1080 Poison New Zealand

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12 thoughts on “The Stock Deaths from 1080 Poison & how DOC is Hiding them in the Paper Work – Still Trust Them?”

  1. DOC has a lot to answer for… They are entrusted to look after the land, but look how eager they were to let a private company, drill a tunnel through a World Listed Heritage Site in Fiordland. Now if we, the people of NZ, hadn’t stood up and let them know it wasn’t acceptable, DOC would have sold us out… They are at it again,,, We must let them know they are failing miserably. If they can’t do the job they are entrusted to do, then it’s time for an over-haul of the Dept Of CONSERVATION…

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  2. Sorry Guys.Thanks to to Tree Huggers and Fur do Gooders.That stopped trapping.We now have this instead.Plus we now have that freak Maggie Barry.Minister of Conservation.She loves the stuff 1080


    1. You could hardly blame the end of trapping and use of 1080 on so called ‘tree huggers’. We all know historically that our government cares little about the environment & even less about those who do … if they did they’d be listening to them now. Historic pollution … witness the dumping of sewage & industrial pollution into our waterways since the 1950s & earlier. Govt is now involved in making this 1080 poison. It is a lucrative alternative to trapping and suits the corporate poison manufacturers just fine. Remember our govt is really a corporation parading as a govt. They’re about profits not people. Or environments.


  3. Dept of Conservation wake up, lets go back to having rabbit and opossum hunters. Will give people jobs and clean up areas where it is needed. Lots more work to do Minister Maggie Barry to find solutions that do not kill off precious animals not supposedly targeted in these 1080 drops. How many Kokako, Kiwi, fantails and so many other native birds have we lost to 1080? Makes a joke of the Dept of Conservation spending our taxpayer dollars on programs to restock fish, kiwis and other native fauna. So we save with one hand and kill with the other?? All done within the same Government Department? This has got to stop!! It will take a long time to recover from the damage.

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    1. It surely does have to stop Robyn. It really makes no sense. 😦 And thanks for commenting. I’m continually amazed at how this issue is THE most noticed by the public. There are many other issues but this one has people most concerned.

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