See how the media lies about what happened at NZ’s Parliament last week

Riot cops used gas and fists to clear Parliament grounds of peaceful protesters—and “our free press” MAKES UP scenes of mob violence AGAINST the cops … Mark Crispin Miller

Check out the gap between the media’s propaganda and what really happened … [recently] in Wellington; then ask yourself if there are any US/Western “news” reports that any thinking person can believe.

From America’s “newspaper of record”:

In chaotic and sometimes bloody clashes, protesters wielded fire extinguishers, paint-filled projectiles, homemade plywood shields and pitchforks. Some lobbed cobblestones at officers. Others piled detritus onto gas-fueled fires, including one that caused an explosion at a playground near Parliament.

The same crapola from NBC…


2 thoughts on “See how the media lies about what happened at NZ’s Parliament last week”

  1. Thank you Pam for blogging about this. As you know, we were on parliament grounds on the evening before and day of the police action.
    We were there to pray and talk to the protestors and see the place for ourselves. It did not match the mainstream media narrative. The grounds were clean, the protest was well organised and the groups all had a unified message, ‘end the mandates.’
    I was really impressed at what was there. There were tents for admininstration, doctors, vaccine injury testimony, talks, music and entertainment, children, mothers and babies, food and clothing. There was a properly plumbed toilet called the “peehive” (removed by the police with a forklift the next day.) I was smiling at the kiwi ingenuity on display.
    It was a very diversified collection of people but they were all getting along with each other. My son made the point that the government hails diversity, but only when people are going along with their agenda.
    I had no idea the police action was going to go off.
    They were pepper spraying protestors who were moving backwards. I was there, I saw it.
    The grounds had become a community over 23 days and people recongnised each other. Fires were lit late afternoon by men who are not known to the protestors.
    Bricks were thrown at the end of the day by frustrated young men, this was after police had forcibly removed protestors from the grounds and bowled over their tents.
    The police made the mess, not the protestors.
    My husband was pepper sprayed. He did not not do anything but he was standing in their way.
    What I witnessed was a heavy handed police action at the instigation of the government.

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    1. Thanks Jo for the feedback. I have also heard from other sources, the same testimony. The NZ media and the government are portraying (clearly) a whole and entirely different narrative.

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