Manufacturing Unemployment: Net-Zero Target Will Destroy 650,000 Australian Jobs

Iowa Climate Science Education

Net-zero carbon dioxide targets are all about giving more subsidies to unreliable wind and solar which inevitably drive power prices through the roof.

Increase power prices, as with any input cost, and profits inevitably diminish. Meaningful employment depends upon healthy and sustainable profits. So, as any student of that dismal science will readily tell you, any policy that drives up power prices will inevitably drive up unemployment rates. So far, so simple.

Not that any of this signifies much with the Federal Liberal/National Coalition government.

Its leader, and PM, Scott Morrison is all set to give corporate crony capitalists what they want ? an opportunity to milk an endless raft of government subsidies that will inevitably flow from his net-zero emissions target.

Having openly supported policies that have squandered more than $60 billion on subsidies to wind and solar, Morrison is ready to do more of the same, punishing the…

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