Idaho doctor reports “20 times increase” in cancer among those “vaccinated” for covid –

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Image: Idaho doctor reports “20 times increase” in cancer among those “vaccinated” for covid

(Natural News) Dr. Ryan Cole, a board-certified pathologist and diagnostics lab owner and operator based out of Idaho, has releasedshocking new informationabout how Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are causing a massive “uptick” in autoimmune diseases and cancer.

In a video produced by the Idaho state government’s “Capitol Clarity” project, Cole revealed how he is now seeing a 2,000 percent chronic illness increase in folks who tookDonald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections.

“Since January 1, in the laboratory, I’m seeing a 20-times increase of endometrial cancers over what I see on an annual basis,” Cole stated in the video.

“I’m not exaggerating at all because I look at my numbers year over year, and I’m like ‘Gosh, I’ve never seen this many endometrial cancers before.’”

Cole revealed these and other statistics at a March 18 event, telling Idahoans that the so-called…

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3 thoughts on “Idaho doctor reports “20 times increase” in cancer among those “vaccinated” for covid –”

  1. Seems abit diffuced. What kind of cancer? Most types of cancer are easily treated by strict non carb’ diet [NCD] (NCHF diet – no carb’ high fat, compare with LCHF diet). Why? Because cancer cells need glucose to survive. Big Pharma knows this very well, but don’t care, as it isn’t profitable. If the patient was put on NCD when diagosed, then the survivor rate will surely increase.

    Ironically, when the patient reach stage four, he/she is struggling to eat . Then to ‘survive’, the patient is getting glucose intravenously. The consequence is that the cancer cells are well fed, making the situation worse. Big Pharma knows this very well too …

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    1. oh yes, what you say is so true Sasjal & of course we are not allowed to say this are we? They quietly removed apricot seed supp from our shelves not that long ago. Won’t administer IV Vit C etc etc etc. I note also when on chemo they serve tea and sweet biscuits for cuppa time. Great health protocols alright! Makes me quite angry really. The worst thing is you can’t tell cancer sufferers this they get very offended 😦 So sad.


      1. Hm … Apricot seeds and similar would kill me faster than any type of cancer … (asthma) I suppose the tea is the black type, like Earl Gray. Well, green tea is not always the best alternative either. Last time I visited Greece, I brought home a couple of bags of Greek montain tea (Shepherd’s tea). Just plain dried ironwort (in this case either of Sideritis purpurea, S. cretica or S. theezans) with stems and all. Alkaloid free, so no caffeine. A nice thick and soft taste. Regarding biscuits, most sold today are industrial stuff spiced with chemicals … Never ‘my cup of tea’, not even the real stuff.

        Those patients at stage four and maybe even stage three, often believes that their doctor[s] are their holy sauveur, so no surprise. But not too seldom and due to Big Pharma, the doc’s are instead the Grim reaper … Similar story with statins, where the symtoms are classified as the cause. Why? As usual, money …

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