As the CV jab rolls out to teens in NZ’s Whanganui, the UK recommends AGAINST Covid jabs for kids (Voices for Freedom)

From Voices for Freedom who are doing an amazing job in so many ways. I recommend you sign up with them and get involved in your own area. EWR

“This week has been a doozy when it comes to announcements regarding children and the experimental jab.

While much of the world seems to be acting in chorus, our government and agencies seem to be going harder and a bit more maniacally than most.

In this country, our “experts” are still hammering on about “elimination” and telling us (at great expense) how “safe and effective” the experimental Covid jab is. Including for our children.

To date, we know at least 21,000 doses have been administered to Kiwi teenagers aged 16 and up. 

That number is set to soar.

The next couple of weeks alone will see 1600+ teenagers offered a Covid jab at school. The government has decided to take the unethical and dangerous step of rolling out jabs in schools starting in Whanganui this week (when it intends injecting the city’s senior students before their exams). The government plans for this rollout to provide a template for the broader imminent rollout to children in the 12 to 15-year-old group.

We know this is very wrong. So wrong that even Medsafe’s UK counterpart has come out to say as much…

This week the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination & Immunisation) acknowledged: “the health benefits of universal vaccination in children and young people below the age of 18 years do not outweigh the potential risks [of the vaccination].

Meanwhile back in NZ Medsafe assures us:

“The benefits of vaccination with Comirnaty continue to outweigh the risk of experiencing a side effect for people of all ages in the approved indication.”

Say what? 

You read that right: the UK recommends AGAINST Covid jabs for kids but back in New Zealand – it’s all “she’ll be right mate”.

Medsafe is failing Kiwi kids.

Medsafe downplays risk while simultaneously highlighting 

higher rates of myocarditis and pericarditis in young people. 

Given the comparatively lower proportion of young people receiving the jab so far, 

these numbers should be alarming.

Have your say by complaining to Medsafe.

So what can you do? Here’s how you can support the wave of freedom: 
1.SEND this letter from our NZ doctors to your school,and include your own cover letter. The doctors letter is well-referenced and includes strong statements such as: “Some effects, such as blood clots and heart inflammation (myocarditis), have occurred specifically in young adults . The CDC is currently investigating over 1200 children and young adults with vaccine-related myocarditis and have issued a warning . There are already multiple cases here in NZ. In the US, several children under the age of 18 are reported to have died in the days after a Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ . The number of severe adverse events is increasing daily. At time of writing, just under 30 000 deaths post vaccination have been referred to official reporting systems in the US and EU.” 
2.BUY a teeshirt, sweater or bag, Our sweatshirts are great for winter days. The more “walking billboards” we have the more other Kiwis can see they’re not alone. Flood the streets, supermarkets, and sidelines at sports games. For the next 7 days (and while stocks last of this print run) – you can get the classic Voices Tee for just $20 as part of our “Operation Kit The Country”. 
3. CONTACT your local group,make connections, and find out how you can help. We have so much going on right now from Doctors’ events and local group meetings, to regular pop-up events, and silent protests up and down the country. We need you! 
4.  DONATE to Voices for Freedomto support our initiatives, such as our Doctors’ Tours, printed material, and street campaigns. Our signage and events are bright and have great impact and they all cost money. We’re on a mission to flood New Zealand with our message and every dollar you donate helps.   
And it doesn’t end there. This Friday, 30 July, New Zealand’s first mass vaccination centre opens in South Auckland, at the Vodafone Events Centre. Aimed to capture Manukau students and their families, young people will be assessed at MIT Manukau campus before being driven by bus to the stadium, injected at a rate of 1 per minute over three days and driven back to MIT campus again. The aim is to jab a total of 15,000 throughout the weekend. The prospect of so many healthy young people unnecessarily suffering serious cardiovascular problems and other serious injuries is heartbreaking. 

We are making a difference.

Stand up with us, and speak out!

“Just to encourage you. My son got the flyer in his letterbox and is not having the vaccine. He has researched and is saying no. Thank you for creating this. The tractors were great in Auckland. Loved the voice. Keep pushing. I work with the sick and elderly, they don’t want the vaccine. So I put them in touch with you.”

– Yvonne, South Auckland.

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