Denmark Government Official Drops After The Jab


GUN 204 – Published 26 June 2021

Thanks to Sanity For Sweden for the link

Mark Malyon @S4S
Jabattoire : A place sheeple go to get injected with a experimental untested poison !!!

Dark Vader @S4S
You cannot fool us Brits.  we left the EUSSR in favour of our own freedom.  Just a shame we don not have a government with balls worth voting for who could give us that freedom!!!  We the people spoke but the politicians did not listen.  Our fight continues.

Simon Says @S4S
Yes Stephan GB News exposed themselves for what they are…. Controlled Opposition.  On the other hand the UK Column are the reL deal.

Controlledburst @S4S
It is symbolic. “The soul of a person says ‘no’ “. Absolutely. We are aware of truth in spirit. Don’t listen to devils. Of course they will lie to you.

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