Queensland: 6 months Jail for treating patients with Hydroxychloroquine

Tucker Carlson:

Queensland Doctors threatened with 6 months Jail for trying to treat c v patients with known successful treatments.Law brought in quietly in April.




6 thoughts on “Queensland: 6 months Jail for treating patients with Hydroxychloroquine”

  1. Disgusting as a description doesn’t cover a fraction of it … Psychopathic more like it. The lunatics are running the asylum! This has gone way too far, so why so few reactions? Fear? Because it can’t just be ignorance, could it?

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      1. Agree! Anyhow, ignorance is the source of fear and obviously, is well treated and cured with knowledge. A sequencial problem is how to treat those who appears to have ‘allergic reactions’ to knowledge. It’s not always easy to fix, even though they may have facts in front of their eyes …

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