Will FEMA squads and U.S. soldiers be coming to your door to vaccinate you (or take you to a fema camp)?

EWR comment: It’s been pointed out that the original headline (which I’ve taken the liberty to change) is erring on the extreme side as Mike Adams’ headlines tend to do. Still as per my posts for the 10th July it is becoming more evident here in NZ that ‘they’ (ie the govt) do intend for us all to be jabbed. Even although they said right at the start it would never be mandatory (the CV jab ie) we know that the way the global govt people move is incrementally. Thin end of the wedge scenario. So now we have obviously gone from no mandatory to the frequent reminders we all need the jab and schools are next with an ever diminishing age range. (Thing is it is not protecting people from CV anyway, admitted by the establishment). So in fairness to the headline being extreme, be aware of the machinations of your govt people. Anybody looking deeper than MSM will acknowledge now the plot is looking somewhat sinister at the least.

Please do watch this excellent video on topic for Kiwis:


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Thursday, July 08, 2021 by:Mike Adams

(Natural News) The scenario I’ve been warning about for years is finally here. It’s now confirmed by the White House that FEMA goon squads will be going “door-to-door” across America to coerce unvaccinated people into taking deadly bioweapons spike protein kill shots.

It is now openly admitted that the government is keeping lists of those who are not yet vaccinated, and just today,Biden’s Health Secretary Xavier Becerra doubled down on the plans, claiming, “knocking on a door has never been against the law” and adding, “Because if you haven’t been vaccinated, we can help dispel some of those rumors you’ve heard and hopefully get you vaccinated.”

What rumors? Rumors that the government would be knocking on your door to coerce you into getting injected with a deadly bioweapon? That’s not a rumor, Xavier,that’s an admitted fact.


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10 thoughts on “Will FEMA squads and U.S. soldiers be coming to your door to vaccinate you (or take you to a fema camp)?”

  1. Misleading title. I’m aware of the door-to-door campaign from more level headed sources. you are perfectly entitled to slam the door in their faces or politely decline them. There aren’t any actual needles involved, just words.
    “at gunpoint”? that’s not true. it’s an attempt to change your mind about vaccines, not a forced vaccination campaign.
    The day might come eventually but we aren’t there yet.
    the other objection is the “bioweapon killshot’ talk. COVID is a bioweapon, the “vaccine” is an experimental control system, as yet only approved for “emergency use”. the purpose is to introduce tracking/tracing and drug-dependancy; therefore “control” is the aim, and the COVID threat is the excuse.
    The deaths and injuries are a side-effect, not the end-goal.
    If “they” wanted to kill us all, there are far deadier and more expedient means than an mRNA injection!
    That’s my 2 cents worth:)

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    1. Point taken Martin actually had second thoughts as I posted it. It is Mike Adams so he is inclined that way. Sensationalist. However … I do believe the whole scenario is nevertheless getting a bit sinister… eg the accompaniment of military to ‘inquire’ have you had the vx? That to me is a coercive ploy knowing full well the fear that is now rampant. I think with all the deaths to date as Peter McCullough’s been pointing out … should’ve been stopped by now which tells me it is indeed a bioweapon & a kill shot. Nevertheless might take the post down on account of the headline. I posted in a hurry.


      1. Thanks for being tolerant with me Pam; I feel like an A-hole when I stomp around with the debunking stick, but right now there’s a ton of controlled opposition laying traps for us, and err on the side of caution.
        I agree that there is considerable psychological coercion (minus the gunpoint bit!) and its inevitable that some will cave in while the few strong-willed will resist.
        I was amused by a full page ad in The Star newspaper this week urging folk “avoid COVID misinformation” while failing to define what constitutes misinformation: Psychological intimidation stuff.
        Yesterday a workmate said to me “You have your theories Martin, but I follow the science!” I retorted “NO! I follow the science, you follow the propaganda!”. That kinda shut him up…


        1. All good Martin, it is good to have a balance & sometimes hard to be objective. (Actually Mike Adams also has a new vid just out with a similar headline for NZ & ‘death squads’ specifically). And CNN today just seen saying ‘it’s time to impose vx mandates etc’.

          And yes propaganda for sure.


  2. Jesus, what kind of Marxist country are you living in? I should talk. Canada is probably the worst example of a politically correct Communist soft tyranny. But, we can still buy guns.

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    1. Interesting isn’t it as the net closes. Not long before the trap springs shut. Clearly global lockdown by one means or another is the end game. BTW Jesus is a personal friend of mine. Perhaps Mao or Lenin might be better substitutes there 🙂

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