A Quest for Fauci’s Mythical “Holy Grail of Science”-Peer reviewed vaccine data not available until 2022-2024 | The Colorado Herald

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The data is currently stored in the “Holy Grail of Science” until sometime around or after November 2, 2022, at which point it will take another 18 months for peer review. Again, Fauci’s recommendations that the vaccine is safe might change based on evolving data. But do NOT question the science until at least 2024. By that time, people will have forgotten all about the propaganda.

Instead of questioning “the science,” the public has been manipulated into to questioning the character of “antivaxxers.” Fauci’s “evolving data” suggests anyone who questions “the science” has a questionably low IQ, poor ideologies, and needs door-to-door public health education.

Meanwhile in England, most people who die with COVID-19, whatever that actually means anyways, are vaccinated, drawing important questions about the vaccine’s efficacy. Here in the US, since PCR tests are altered for the vaccinated, we don’t have the same true data that other…

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