Magnets are now sticking to supermarket meat

It just gets more curious. No surprises really given our food supplies have been corrupted for a long while. Read & draw your own conclusions. EWR


EXCERPT: “I have no explanation for what is happening with the meat in this video.

What is known is that scientists have been working to imbue living cells with magnetic properties in order to externally manipulate cellular activities using magnetic fields. In 2019, researchers successfully engineered genetically-encoded protein crystals that can generate magnetic forces.”


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    1. Had a few discussions with folk on this. Seems to be happening. I take a magnet shopping now to be sure. Try it on the meat packaging. Gates wants us all on gmo or insects or both. I figure that’s likely the purpose of his monopolizing farmland in your country. Can’t trust him of course. And of course we can pray for protection. ❤


  1. Sorry Pam but I mark this one down as scaremongering. Red meat contains Iron and always has done since time immemorial:
    “Our body doesn’t make iron; it must get it from outside sources. Some examples of food with iron include dark green vegetables (like spinach), meats (especially red meat), and fortified cereals. Iron is also one of the three magnetic metals (other two being nickel and cobalt). That means it is attracted to a magnet.”

    Click to access Magnetic-Food-2015.pdf

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    1. Ok, my intention personally is not to scaremonger…and this is happening. I am watching it anyway. Have seen a few threads on it & will be leaving no stone unturned especially given ‘they’ have meddled with our food supply so long we now pay thru the nose for ‘organic’ which was the normal (non alternative) of my parents. The other thing, this is a topic of interest given the vaxed are now magnetic. For that reason I don’t think it should be ignored or written off as scaremongering. Time will tell.


      1. Be assured I didn’t mean you as the scaremonger Pam, I was referring to the source!
        The info I referenced dated from 2015, so no direct connection to COVID or “magnetgate”.
        The big difference is that humans don’t make Iron themselves, so have to get it from Iron-rich foods (Broccoli, red meat…).
        So logically, while a magnet should have an attraction to high-iron content foods, it shouldn’t attach to humans!…especially at a point specifically where one has been jabbed!
        My evaluation is that this story (magnets sticking to meat) is probably a deliberate disinformation plant in order to discredit/derail the real story (The magnetic jab story). I’ll be watching for a carefully timed MSM “fact check/debunk” to complete the trap.

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