NZ people seriously injured & 50 deaths (unofficial) post CV VX; are you well informed of the risks?

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We had no knowledge this was a possibility

From J.James

..”…We had no knowledge this was a possibility, which makes me even angrier this has happened to my child…”….These are the words of a mother whose young teenage daughter was diagnosed with Myocarditis after she suffered severe chest pains after her second Pfizer shot in the US.  She was lucky, many other young people have died.  But she may have heart issues now it’s not known.  So much is not known about this novel new gene editing injection.  

We had no knowledge this was a possibility.” I have read these words often as I scroll through social media comments and threads, where personal experiences of those whose health has now been seriously affected are shared ….”We had no knowledge this was a possibility..”. or …’we tried to warn her not to get it but she didn’t want to lose her job…” another. …One such social media group is a Kiwi group that won’t be named to protect their privacy so that they won’t be censored silent, and isn’t that a disturbing thing to have to say. 

The administrators plaintive cry tells the most disturbing story of what is happening here in our own back yard, but not officially of course.  In their own words.

…In the 4 months since I established the group I have received many heart breaking messages from New Zealanders whose lives will never be the same.

The nurse in her 30s who is still hospitalised with a post jab stroke, almost 2 months later.

The 22 year old who is currently learning how to swallow, walk and sit up again, after hers.

The 16 year old who, as I write this, is in a critical condition in Intensive Care.

The husband who cares for his sick wife, but who is now himself paralysed following his jab.

the man who has been in and out of ICU following the “explosion” of his pancreas post jab.

And the many reports I have received of frail elderly in our rest homes, passing in the day or two post jab. All of them explained as death from natural causes….I could literally fill pages with the stories I am holding…..Some days my heart breaks…”….  

Lest we forget, all of this is happening unofficially. 

The question begs to be asked; why didn’t she know