A response to recent media attack on eminent NZ epidemiologist Dr Simon Thornley : “Open letter from Mary Hobbs, NZ author”


Hello Charlie,

I read your article on Dr Simon Thornley and observed your positioning of this eminent and well-respected epidemiologist with those who dare to question the current narrative from the “single source of truth”, almost as though to infer there was a tainted whiff that emanated from these courageous people,that would brush off onto this outstanding doctor who dares to speak out in a world gone mad —the madness aided, in the main, by complicit media. In your article, you mention that Dr Thornley considers the catastrophic damage as a result of the lockdowns worse than the virus. His statement was brushed as ideas of little consequence, but perhaps you haven’t strayed far enough to see for yourself the degree of suffering that has occurred as a result of locking down a population of 5 million, for it seems Dr Thornley makes a good point.”




NZ lamestream is attacking the medics, debunking any narrative other than the government’s

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  1. this is a comment from mccairndojo.com –

    a study by Chris Exley looking at autopsies of brains of people with autism, showed some of the highest values of aluminium in brain tissue ever recorded. Many childhood vaccines contain aluminium as the adjuvant. Conversely smaller amounts in vaccines are thought to be more dangerous than larger amounts. Larger amounts can be trapped in the muscle tissue, smaller amounts can be absorbed by the macrophages which travel around the body and to the brain via the vagus nerve. The macrophage eventually dies leaving the aluminium behind. Alzheimers has also been linked to aluminium. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0946672X17308763
    Aluminium is not the only factor implicated but it is a significant one.

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