Facebook Censoring Vaccine Concerns Globally


Dr. John Reizer

Facebook wants to censor people’s concerns about vaccines. Does this fact surprise anyone even remotely awake at this point? All social media platforms want to censor the public’s concerns about vaccines, the fake pandemic, and anything else that has to do with the genocidal operation currently in play.

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Giant tech platforms want to silence and censor people’s vaccine hesitancy; they want to silence people forever. That is why they are all promoting the initiative to cull a significant portion of the human population.

Are people so naïve to believe that Mark Zuckerberg is the actual genius and financier behind the giant spy company, Facebook? Founded in 2004 but first developed years earlier at the “elite” Harvard University after the 911 false flag operation, Facebook had to be heavily financed and supported by global intelligence agencies working for a world governing construct. Facebook had to be…

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