Why Do People Think The Covid Vaccine Will Sterilize Them?

The Fascist New World Order

I been saying this a while now, but of course it’s not me who is saying that this particular covid 19 vaccine will sterilize you, it’s many experts.

Among those are the former chief science officer of Pfizer, Mike Yeadon, and the former head of the public health department Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr Andrew Wakefield, there are many as this video shows.

The guy who made this video Computing Forever made his last You Tube video about how he was going to be focusing on uploading new videos like this one on Bitchute and other platforms specifically, because You Tube had taken down eleven of his videos.

Watch it all the way through, I found this when trying to look for a section of a video I had watched of world leaders around the world, over a dozen of them reading a two minute script from the UN…

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