Just do the math: COVID-19 “vaccines” are killing people

From Mark Crispin Miller

Starting with Gibraltar, whose startling numbers were observed, in
early February, by Keith Rushworth, who lives there, and whose analysis I sent out on March 7, Gilad Atzmon’s essay demonstrates conclusively that those COVID-19 “vaccines” are killing people. 

My prior email re: Gibraltar (among other evidence) is at this link. Keith’s piece is attached, in case you didn’t read it then. 

It is a challenge to stay calm amid this ongoing slo-mo global massacre, but that’s what we must do, to spread the word, while it’s still possible. Those who jeer and/or defame us for it are “good Germans,” who either know not what they do, or are paid agents.


From David Diamond

Gilad Atzmon is a saxophonist who can read WHO statistics
and operate the graphing function in Powerpoint. Apparentlythe last two abilities are unique.  

Atzmon charts the dramatic rise in cases and fatalities which
immediately follow the introductionof the vaccine in country
after country.  Should anyone betroubled to explain this, the
most plausible theory would be thatthe national variants—
“Brazilian,” “British,” “South African”—could be more accuratelylabeled “vaccine-induced.”  Curiously the three national variantshave all appeared in countries which hosted vaccine trials, and seem to have the ability to travel to places closed to internationalarrivals.

The Gibraltar Massacre
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Gibraltar currently has the world’s worst Covid-19 death rate per capita (2791 per million at time of publication). The disaster started on December 12, when an unprecedented surge in cases was witnessed (see graph below). Until that point in time, like in other European countries, Covid cases had been in constant decline for a while. In Gibraltar, numbers of cases had been dropping for almost a month since November 13. 

What people do not know is that just a few days before Gibraltar morphed into a Covid killing zone, 273 Spanish key healthcare workers involved with Gibraltar’s elderly and vulnerable populations were reportedly inoculated with the Pfizer vaccine.

Gibraltar Bay radio reported on 7 December 2020, that “More than 9,200 Spanish nationals cross the Gibraltar border to work. Vaccination plans are still being drawn up, but around 273 workers working in care agencies looking after the elderly could become the first Spanish nationals to receive the Pfizer vaccine.“

The Spanish El Pais quotes Antonio Sánchez, a Spanish national and carer for two children with autism at a youth care centre who knew that he would be the amongst the first to receive the vaccine. “I am one of the first. The subcontractor company that I work for has told us that it’s very likely that they will begin vaccinating us next week [the week starting December 7].”

On 8 December elperiodico.com announced that “the Spanish workers in the health and care sector in Gibraltar will be the first in the country to be vaccinated from Tuesday (8 December) against coronavirus, under the Gibraltar Government vaccination program.”

Until now we have looked at Israel as the ultimate testing ground for the Pfizer experiment. As I have been reporting since the beginning of January, the outcome of the Israel/Pfizer experiment has been pretty devastating. Israel’s Covid deaths doubled in just 2 months of vaccinations. Cases of newborn Covid grew by 1600%, hospitalisations doubled and so on.

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Image by Gábor Bejó from Pixabay

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