“Nothing but the vaccine can explain why they had blood clots” .. Norwegian physician and professor of medicine, Oslo Hospital

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

A Norwegian physician and professor of medicine at Oslo University Hospital,  Pål Andre Holme, held a press conference earlier today to announce the results of their investigation into three healthcare workers under the age of 50 in Norway who developed blood clots following the AstraZeneca experimental vaccine, resulting in the death of one of them.

Dr. Holme confirmed that the AstraZeneca vaccine was the cause of the blood clots.

ZeroHedge News reports:

Chief physician and professor Pål Andre Holme told Norwegian papers on Thursday, just hours before the EMA was set to release the findings of its promised “safety review” (which was conducted even more hastily than the initial vaccine studies), that he has a new theory about what caused the reactions in the health workers, and unfortunately, per Holme, the AstraZeneca jab acted as the trigger.

“The reason for the condition of our patients has been found,” chief physician and professor Pål Andre Holme announced to Norwegian national newspaper VG today.



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2 thoughts on ““Nothing but the vaccine can explain why they had blood clots” .. Norwegian physician and professor of medicine, Oslo Hospital”

  1. It’s not over until it’s over. Someone threw it out that it is a deliberate attempt to change blood types to create universal organ donors. I seriously do not want to believe that, but with all the absolutely crazy stuff that has been going on…

    I talked to someone in South Africa within the last few days. She told me they’re rolling out the Johnson& Johnson shot there. I told her they are using the SA population as guinea pigs–but then they’ve always done that to Africa.

    She knew very little when our conversation started. They are being told NOTHING. She knew a hell of a lot more when our conversation finished. I told her to tell all her friends.

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