Creating a Vaccine Passport System Would be the Same Thing as Making Vaccines Mandatory!

Dr. John Reizer

Creating a vaccine passport system by different sovereign governments would preclude society members from going about their lives freely.

A vaccine passport system would also allow dangerous draconian ideas that have already interrupted our lives to further encroach on citizens’ freedoms throughout the world.

Such a system would almost certainly prevent many people from using citywide mass transportation, entering government facilities, taking advantage of air, rail, or boating transportation services, and perhaps even entering places of business that sell household goods and vital foodstuffs.

The creation of a vaccine passport system is in effect the creation of a mandatory vaccine program. There’s no difference between the two things. If a government law makes it mandatory for its citizens to carry a vaccine passport to engage in the normal business of one’s life, it’s also stating that people must receive vaccine products.

In the entire history of the…

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