There’s more to the Nashville blast than meets the eye: Shocking new details emerge

Nwo Report

Damning new surveillance footage reveals what appears to be an inbound projectile from above just before the blast

Source: Shepard Ambellas

It’s been heavily reported that six brave Nashville police officers responding to reports of ‘shots fired’ near the vicinity of 3rd and 4th Avenues North shortly after 1 a.m. on Christmas morning also helped to evacuate some people from the scene in the gutwrenching minutes leading up to the explosion which shattered windows on buildings for blocks.

One of the officers present at the scene of the explosion told reporters during a press conference on Sunday that she and her colleagues have since tossed around the theory that the gunshots may have been played over a loudspeaker affixed to the motorhome because no evidence has been found which shows shots were ever fired.

News reports cite Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, as a person of interest claiming he…

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