Please Support Dr Paul Thomas, a Hero Defending Children’s Health

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Join Me in Supporting Dr. Paul Thomas, A Hero Defending Children’s Health

Dr. Thomas is leading the battle to practice ethical health care and evidence-based medicine, honor informed consent and stand up against medical coercion at every level. Please join me in supporting his efforts.

Dr. Paul Thomas, MD FAAP is one of America’s top pediatricians. His thriving Portland practice employs seven health care providers and serves more than 10,000 Oregon children, including kids with varying vaccination statuses. Dr. Thomas explains, “Parents are discharged from other pediatric practices when they won’t continue vaccinating their already vaccine-injured children,” he says, “or they don’t want to vaccinate siblings or subsequent children. These families find our clinic where we honor the parents’ right to choose how to vaccinate their child.” Dr. Thomas has more than 1 million YouTube followers and is the author of many books, including…

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    1. Great endorsement & feedback Strategies2Cope. Thank you. I will have to look further. Certainly is rare someone of that caliber to not be taking the vaccination pay outs. I understand they are well rewarded (MDs) for their patients’ rate of vaccination.

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