The Lake Ōhau inferno (Sth Canterbury Skywatch)

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Quick trip last night, not long before sunset, i hit the road heading for Lake Ohau, after the devastation of the destructive wildfires. The normally golden brown tussock land, or the white armoured mountains and land now greet you in a veil of black. Huge area, I think there was something like 5000 hectares burnt, charred and incinerated. Unfortunate thing for a number of residents, the flames welcomed themselves into their homes. Entry gained from all directions. I was fast losing the light of the day, but darkness was all around. As far as the eye could see, the darkening skies mirrored that of the ground. I know there are still a few sensitive residents up there, so even though i have recorded what i viewed, i havent over stepped the boundary and got right in the burnt out homes of the people. Maybe if i got asked, I would but its not something you wish too see anybody go through. I cant stop thinking how terrified many would have been. Around 3am to be woken, pitch black with the glow of orange surrounding your home, with just really one way in and out, extremely good too see all escaped the inferno from hell. Yes i will have a video up at some stage, in the process as i type this. Stay safe and always be alert and aware of possible dangers you can not see. – Other videos to watch: –… NEW ZEALAND PAGES OF INTEREST: – https://envirowatchrangitikei.wordpre… USA TOP WEBSITE: –… AUSTRALIA PAGE OF INTEREST: –……….. NEWS ARTICLES: –………

Photo: Wikipedia