Cops Attack Lockdown Protestor As He Begins to Read Aloud “Mark of the Beast” The Draconian Lockdown Ending Of the World Begins In Australia!

Truth To Power

Man attacked by cops in Australia as he begins to read Bible’s warning about the “Mark of the Beast”. It’s “On the Beach” in reverse, as the draconian lockdown ending of the world is begins in Australia!

Link To Banned Video:

For Those Of You Who Are Still Asleep, Still Walking Around With Your Eyes Wide Shut. STOP Getting Programmed By The Mainstream Media That Is Owned And Controlled By The Perpetrators Of This Disgusting Tyranny, The Globalist Luciferian Cabal. These Liars And propagandists Control Your Information And This Controls Your Perception Of Reality!

Mainstream Media Owned By Deep State – Cover-Up ET Presence-OSI Intelligence Officer Speaks Out.

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