Killing For Profit..The Dark Side of Hospice

I’ve noted in NZ they are building these for the ‘aged population’. Used to be for terminally ill. My first red flag.

The PPJ Gazette

Killing For Profitavailable on Amazon

Betrayed By Hospice with host Marsha Joiner.  March 4, 2020 broadcast with Michelle Young Doers.

Author:  Michelle Young Doers

“They really do have a license to kill. Will you or your loved one be their next victim?”

Killing For Profit: The Dark Side of Hospice (Paperback)

If you are afraid of dying and do not want to know the truth, this may not be the book for you. If on the other hand you want a true insider’s look at healthcare and the ways people suffer and are killed at the hands of others, then read on.Hospice has a lollipop and candy cane image, that could not be further from the truth. It is a hard core business of ‘dealing’ with the most susceptible in our society, the dying.

Hospice would like us to believe that they are here to provide our loved ones with the care and attention they need in their…

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4 thoughts on “Killing For Profit..The Dark Side of Hospice”

  1. Hello Pam! Thank you for posting my book. The horrors that are happening to the elderly on a global scale is unthinkable. As Marti has said, this is a culling of those that are older, disabled,.etc. A complete eugenics project is underway. I can only hope the population at large comes out of their bubble soon enough to help stop this take over of our GOD given rights.

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    1. Hi Michelle you’re welcome. I must read it. This has been a topic of concern for me for a long time. Seems in NZ there’s a cut off age after which the allopathic meds will no longer be dispensed & folk are given the choice, home with some help, care home (to die) or hospice. Once in there couple of weeks and they’re gone. Then there is the Liverpool Care Pathway they put people on even if they only fell over & got admitted ofr safety reasons, check out bones etc. A man I know of did this in NZ & was dead in a week in hospital no hospice required. They are put on a pain killer drip for as long as it takes. And families think that’s the norm & go along with it not really realizing what’s really happening. Thank you again. Disturbing. Did you see this post? MD speaking out from Ireland. …


  2. I will certainly look into – bones etc – is it? And the article you mentioned. I believe in a way, we have been ‘programmed’ to accept this death-panel judgement and they have no qualms about whether we know about what is happening or not.

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    1. The bones etc I meant the man who was admitted, they were only checking for any breakage to his bones etc. And he ended up on pretty much their extermination list to put it bluntly. The death panel thing is awful. As you say yes accepted because in my opinion, in their vulnerability the elderly don’t want to be a ‘burden’ as they would put it. It’s disgusting & there is blood on the hands of those panels. The very people who as I often put it, climbed out of bed in the night to feed these ones when they were helpless & couldn’t walk as babies … are now refusing to return that duty in kind.

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