Beware the hidden dangers of some so-called ‘health products’

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Absolute Essential Ceramic Aroma Diffuser. EMF/EMR readings for a supposedly healthy essential oil diffuser. The frequency was measured with an Accoustimeter AM-10. It displayed a constant radiation of 450Mhz at high saturation. Please watch and share and be aware of these types of dangerous devices masquerading as health products.

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  1. Measure the EMF coming out of your lamp or lamp cord, it is shocking. A key is if this falls of to near zero levels a few inches or couple feet at most away. I have measured lamps, microwave (VERY shocking even at several feet away), wires in walls, etc. It is all shocking. Fortunately, most of it drops away if more than a few inches away. So try to avoid long exposure which definitely means do not sleep within a couple feet of a clock radio or lamp or your mobile phone (turn it off at night), but if you can get those a little farther away it is back to “back ground” levels but no for the cell phone unless a fair bit farther away).

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        1. Me too. I was horrified. Never again. Figured out pre internet days from a UK nurse who would’ve trained in the 60s, 70s or so. They were instructed not to put baby’s bottles into MW to heat as it kills the nutrients. So they knew long ago.


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