Award-winning Documentary Maker & Activist, Michael J Murphy Passed Away In Sleep


Michael J Murphy

Sadly, Michael J Murphy,  former President at Truth Media Productions and maker of the ground-breaking documentaries,  ‘What In The World Are They Spraying?’ (2010) and ‘Why In The World Are They Spraying?’ (2012), passed away in his sleep in his home state of Illinois on the 22nd of July.

Michael J Murphy was an award-winning director and producer, a political activist and the President of The Coalition Against Geoengineering.    It was his idea to makeWhat In The World Are They Spraying?,  a film which woke up millions of people worldwide to the threat of geoengineering.   It is far more widely known now that the atmosphere is being poisoned globally with aluminium, barium and strontium, than it was a decade ago, thanks in large part to his trail-blazing work.  His catch phrase “Keep looking up!”   led many to pay closer attention to their…

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