Post-Covid Transition Engineer: Expect “Plenty of Crises” with Extreme Weather Situations in NZ

Well isn’t this just Agenda 2030!! Bicycles. Rebuilding in right place! Someone told me recently that the NZ state housing area they live in is being revamped with high rise housing (think pack n stack, Agenda 21 specialty) & yes one new house that won’t function without wifi. This interview reminds me of how the NZ vaccinologist spoke, with all the ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’, telling us about how SARS was ‘um set up to kill a lot more people’. I have that recorded here. It’s gone from the net now. Laughing away as described here as if it is humorous. (CV’s just a souped up cold she reckoned). That was early January. Tell that to the families of the suicide victims in this whole thing. EWR


  In this interview,  which was broadcast on RadioNZ at 7.12pm, on the 26th of May, Professor Susan Krumdieck of the University of Canterbury,  and Co-Leader of the Global Association for Transition Engineering Director Advanced Energy, said, as if with foreknowledge, that we can expect more extreme weather in New Zealand in the future.

Show presenter, Bryan Crump asks Susan Krumdieck at 14.22 minutes into this must hear interview,   if this is a point in history when we have the opportunity to make a change, and is COVID a crisis that we can’t afford to waste?

As if foretelling a future that has already been mapped out for the people of New Zealand, she replied:  “Ur, absolutely, um,  we are going to have plenty of crises after this with the extreme weather situations, um and so we are going to become people who are very good at managing…

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