LEAKED: Crown Law Advice to Police… Government and Police Acted Illegally

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On Monday we published emails leaked to us that showed that the Police had sought and obtained a Crown Law legal opinion on precisely what they could and could not do under the Governments pandemic lockdown edicts.

The emails showed that Police believed, on the advice from Crown Law that there was very little they could do, other than ask people nicely to comply with the edicts.

We have now been leaked the Crown Law advice that Attorney General David Parker, Police Commissioner Andy Coster and former Police Commissioner Mike Bush all refused to release to the public, nor to the Epidemic Response Committee chaired by Simon Bridges.

That advice shows that definitely for the first nine days of the lockdown, the Police and the Government acted ultra vires, acting or done beyond one’s legal power or authority.

The letter dated 27 March 2020, sent to Bill Peoples – Police National Manager – Legal Services from Bronagh McKenna the Crown Counsel is explicit in its advice regarding enforcement of the lockdown. [The Crown Law reference for those wanting to OIA is POL055/2475]



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  1. This is the reason they pushed through the recent bill that enacts a “temporary” law extending police powers during Level 2 lockdown. What they knew they could not enforce previously, they now can.
    The cops frequently expressed frustration at their inability to legally enforce the lockdown rules but that’s all changed now.

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