How can one man visiting his dying wife pose a risk to anybody? … this is cruelty on steroids

A Christchurch man is pleading for government officials to exempt him from quarantine so that he can see his dying wife one last time.

Mining contractor Bernie Ryan returned from Australia on Sunday after his wife Christine Taylor’s condition worsened.

He is currently under managed isolation at a hotel in Auckland, and said despite showing no illness symptoms and a letter of support from his GP, the Ministry of Health has repeatedly refused his request for exemption.

Taylor has terminal lung cancer and has been given hours to live.

Again bureaucracy gone mad.

He said the refusal was devastating.



Image by valelopardo from Pixabay

10 thoughts on “How can one man visiting his dying wife pose a risk to anybody? … this is cruelty on steroids”

        1. Horrific. Just saw this from nz govt… “The Governments instructions are that anyone who is feeling unwell must be tested right away. We will follow up on your test if you make us aware you are feeling unwell. “

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        2. Luckily, where I am, they let you have a choice to just agree to self-quarantine as an option to forced test. Here the virus is abating… no new cases in 13 days. So everyone is being extra careful.

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        3. I well recall that announcement early on from the WHO guy saying it’s spreading within families so they may have to come get the fam members & quarantine them adding in a humane or dignified manner as I recall. Wonder what that looks like?

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