Declassified NZ Defence Force Reports Reveal Chemtrail Linked To Outbreak Of Illnesses

This posting is from the chemtrailsnorthnz website, and interesting info indeed. A reminder here of the need to take care regarding the pollution of our air by the said geoengineering aka chemtrailing in our skies, especially as NZ has gone into lockdown re the virus… we’ve seen since then a real proliferation of these trails in our skies. Right even, on the eve of the lockdown people sighted them up & down NZ flying in unusual and circuitous patterns. An advocate of the precautionary principle I’m not taking my chances by sucking that toxic soup from up there into my lungs. Particularly important to consider in protecting your health. (If you’re new to geoengineering see our related pages at the main menu). EWR


Among a recently-released assortment of declassified reports of sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) from New Zealand, dating from 1952-2009, were letters written in 1999 and 2000 by a concerned citizen, who predicted that an outbreak of illnesses would occur after an “aircraft contrail,”  otherwise known as a ‘chemtrail’, was seen over a populated area.

Chemtrails, which are also commonly referred to as aerosols, differ from aircraft vapour trails in that they often linger in the sky for hours and can be seen in grid-like patterns, in parallel lines (see above) or forming ‘X’s  in the sky.

While seeing a chemtrail does not constitute proof that the illnesses were caused by it, it is worth examining the issue, given all the evidence which shows that chemtrails are making people sick, and in light of what is known about their composition.



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  1. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were spraying it in selected areas, they’ve done it before.
    I’ve a page on my website about chemtrails, part of which is my opinion as to what is being used in the spray. My likely choice was “fly ash” from coal-fired power stations, the ash that regulations state cannot be released into the atmosphere. It’s cheap and plentiful and has the right ingredients. I had some supporting evidence recently when I read that doctors are scratching their heads regarding finding small particles of glass in the lungs of serious corona virus patients. Glass (silica) would be ignored in soil samples. This is all speculation of course but food for thought.

    This is interesting
    European Mortality Bulletin, week 12, 2020

    Click to access 2020_12_bulletin.pdf

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    1. Of course.. And some of the info is also new to many people so will sound out there. Biowarfare’s been going on for a very long time … if WHO were who they say they are they’d have shut the labs down long ago. Not likely. The whole thing is totally criminal to put it mildly. Thanks for the links. I will have to read later though.


      1. yes, and if our armed forces were doing the job they’re paid to do, our country would not be invaded with weaponised debt and chemtrails

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  2. We need to assign a Black Ops team to patrol and take these criminals out by any and all means necessary.


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