2-month old Dies 48 hours After 8 Vaccines: a mother speaks out

From stopmandatoryvaccination.com

“Owen received multiple vaccines just 48 hours prior to his passing. He was given a combination of eight different vaccines, which is the norm for a two month old. The first day after his vaccines he was very tired and lethargic, didn’t seem himself. The second day, which is the day he passed away, he was in the care of his grandmother while I was at work. He would not take a bottle, and was inconsolable. He was tired, but couldn’t sleep because he was in such pain. His grandmother thought that he was just having really bad gas. She finally got him down for a nap for the first time that day, sometime after 2 p.m., but Owen never woke up.”



Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

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