Two policemen pay a NZer a polite 6th visit & they’re still not telling him why

The man is outspoken about the state of the NZ government on his radio show. Could this be why? They’re not saying. They want the gentleman to tell them if he knows why they’re there. Is this the new face of policing? Exercising one’s right of free speech used to be an OK activity in NZ didn’t it? Watch carefully at what is happening by increments to that freedom in our country. Meanwhile on other shores namely Europe we have national lockdowns, 30K troops at the ready with considerations of martial law. And over in little Himatangi NZ the Defense Force has been recently practicing medical evacuations. Interesting times aren’t they? EWR



4 thoughts on “Two policemen pay a NZer a polite 6th visit & they’re still not telling him why”

  1. Pretty bizarre isn’t it.
    Not so much the fact that Eastwood is getting visits as he’s a controversial figure, but the way the cops handle things is seriously weird. Have they not got actual criminals to deal with?

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    1. doesn’t seem so Martin. Seems they’re sending an intimidating message going by the other visit posted yesterday I think. All the questions they asked that man in his bedroom … pretty sinister alright

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    1. Yes it’s globalism showing its ugly face, no happy clappy global village with that scenario. We have shades of what’s to come right there with the visits I’m afraid…


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