Police continue to intimidate Licenced Firearms Owners

This is very disturbing indeed. EWR

Waikanae Watch

Posted today on rightminds.nz,  One wonders if the police have any interest in actual crime any more.  Who compiled this list of questions, which is sure to be a standard one for all suspected Jacinda government opponents? The location isn’t stated, but is probably somewhere in Auckland.


One of my friends and moderator on Right Minds, Matthew McCluskey, received a visit from the friendly local neighbourhood cops on Saturday night at 9pm. He’s allowed me to use his real name to provide some weight behind this bizarre story, as he usually performs his limited online activity under a pseudonym.

He was cleaning his Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 when the doorbell rang. There was a police detective at the door, with an armed escort waiting in the wings. He claimed to be doing a “follow-up check” on vetting, as Matthew had recently had his firearms licence approved. Which is rather strange…

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