Genetically Modified Seeds: Conceived as a Weapon

Zero Hedge (recently banned from Twitter) has reposted a great series of articles called The Geopolitics Of Biological Weapons (originally from Global Research), I highly recommend it.

Here’s part three of the series, which details the role of genetically modified seeds as potential bioweapons to be used in geopolitics and global depopulation. It basically documents how replacing conventional organic heirloom seeds with modified ones can supplant the global food supply and cause massive depopulation.

Authored by Larry Romanoff via,

Read Part 1 here.

Read Part 2 here.

GM seeds and GM food carry great risks for all nations, so much so that for many reasons it is probably imperative these foods be banned outright. This subject is too large to be discussed here, but one aspect requires brief notice. If we were to ask about the origin of GM seeds, how the idea was conceived and developed…

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  1. I’m always suspicious of scientists playing with things they don’t fully understand. I watched a video a couple of weeks ago, a biologist on the complexity of living cells. He asked if there were any biologists in the audience. One or two stood and he told them to interrupt if something was wrong. Basically he told us that nothing is known that was not known in the 1950s and no one stood-up. Such is the mind blowing complexity of living cells that NO ONE knows anything about them.
    Now these people are messing with our food…

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