Is the virus just a massive psychological warfare operation?

As Joe Imbriano points out in this video, in all the videos circulating about the quarantines and deaths in China … why are the police etc not wearing full hazard gear? Masks, suits etc? Worth a listen … I rather agree with the man, we are being played big time. There is far far more to this than meets the eye…

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4 thoughts on “Is the virus just a massive psychological warfare operation?”

  1. Corona (crown) virus now renamed COVID – 19.
    C…. = 3. Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible states this represents Abaddon, the angel of the abyss.
    OVID … Latin for sheep. Ovid is derived from the Latin name ‘Ovidius’, itself derived from the Latin word ‘ovis’, which means ‘sheep’.
    19 … Strong’s 19 Definition: slaughter
    In a nutshell: The abyss is about to open and the Angel of the bottomless pit has been given permission to slaughter all those who have not been saved.
    COVID – 19 the truth in plain sight.

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