Rex 84: FEMA’s Blueprint for Martial Law in America

Counter Information

Global Research, December 30, 2019 Blogs and Global Research 20 August 2006

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This incisive article on the repeal of civil liberties and freedom of speech in America was first published by Global Research in August 2006,

It brings to forefront of debate the ongoing road map towards Police State in America.

It is of particular significance with regard to the appointment of William Barr to the position of Attorney General, not to mention the publication of an  FBI document which states that “conspiracy theories” can motivate “domestic extremists to  commit criminal and sometimes violent activity”

(M.Ch, GR Editor)


We are dangerously close to a situation where ~ if the American people took to the streets in righteous indignation or if there were another 9/11 ~ a mechanism for martial law could be quickly implemented…

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