Fit 72 year old personal trainer gets flu shot, becomes paralyzed and is put on a ventilator

Bob Martin shared a link with me regarding his experience following the flu shot. Be warned. Listen here to an interview on Self Discovery Media with Sarah Troy.

Bob says “I have been Crusading for 6 years for a ‘No Fault Compensation Program’ for people who have been injured or have died from vaccines. I would appreciate the support from people like you to make Canadians more aware of our stories and to make sure that all Canadians have protection.” Canada and Russia are the only 2 of the G20 Countries who have neglected and are neglecting our vaccine people who have been injured. Unfortunately, they have done so for over 40 years.


Read his testimony at his website …

On Oct 20 Bob had a flu shot.

The following week Bob had chills and just couldn’t get warm. He had some difficulty swallowing on the right side of his throat. At one point he was wary about his balance with some stairs.

On Nov 1 during a walk, he experienced some stiffness in his legs and lack of control with one of his feet. Later that night he found that he was numb and tingly in the base of the feet and lacked balance and the ability to stand. By the morning the numbness and tingling feeling had progressed up his legs.

On Nov 2, Bob was immediately rushed to the hospital with Dr’s considering two possible medical conditions – ALS or GBS. Through their assessment they determined that he had Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS).
They immediately administered IVIG treatment over the next 5 nights in hopes of reversing the syndrome. Yet, over the next 7 days Bob’s condition worsened as the paralysis began to ascend through his body in turn creating havoc on his respiratory system.

For those who don’t know Bob, he is an extremely fit, athletically active,  72 year old Personal Trainer for Oak Bay and Henderson Recreation.

On Nov 9 Bob was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where they placed him on a ventilator and monitored him closely. At this point he was now paralyzed up to his shoulders. He could only slightly shrug his shoulders and move his neck/head. Among other tubes attached to him, he also had a nasal feeding tube. Communication from this point forward had become limited with Bob who had to start using an alphabet chart – blinking each time a letter was spoken that he was looking for to describe a word and also using as much eye contact as possible to help us understand him.

We could only wait for him to plateau and with only one sign on Nov 12 that looked promising, sadly he dipped back deeper into the syndrome.

On Nov 16 they tested the possibility of removing the ventilator, however, that was only successful for a few hours and he had to be placed back on the ventilator. On Nov 18 they removed the ventilator from his mouth and did a tracheotomy and attached the ventilator to the trachea.

During the next 2 weeks he lost finite control of his muscles in his tongue including his eyes which has led to some vision problems.


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  1. Another case like my brother, I wonder how many more?
    He’s stopped speaking to me and his phone appears to be blocked to my number, not even an answer to text. I did try to warn him about hospitals and vaccines but it seemed to make him more determined to prove me wrong.

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  2. Found-out yesterday my brother passed away so not blocking me just turned off. According to the hospital he caught another virus. No more details until is see his son.


    1. I am deathly allergic to THIMEROSAL, the mercury added to ”MULTI-DOSE VIALS” of Flu vaccines as a ”preservative”. Bounced off the walls after waking up next AM. Found out it had a “trace” of Thimerosal in it. Rite Aid does NOT USE multidose anymore and I have not had the slightest reaction to the single dose vial shots.

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      1. Always amazes me David how we are supposed to believe mercury is safe to inject into our bodies yes we call the hazard people if mercury gets spilled. Those administering your shot didn’t do their homework by the looks either. 😦


  3. My brother, at age 57, was also very fit and active. He cut himself doing yard work, and went in for a tetanus shot (which is dangerous all by itself, but now also given as a TDaP). Although effects don’t have to necessarily be immediate, he began feeling weak very soon after getting the shot, and continued to deteriorate until his death 2 1/2 years later from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). He said he had read my book about vaccines, but never discussed the issue with me because his wife worked in the medical industry, and she ruled the roost regarding vaccinations, although he did tell her “no more shots” after their youngest child developed arthritis as a toddler following a round of vaccinations.

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      1. The first printing of the physical book sold out, and I wanted to present it free, so People for Reason In Science and Medicine has put it online. The title is “The Vaccination Connection”. and it is available to read here:

        the vaccination connection –

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        1. I had a flu shot in1976 that created a Giuliam Barre syndrome. Started with tingling in feet in the morning. By afternoon to the waist. Paralysis of bowel and bladder, and tactile nerves lit up so badly that couldn’t tolerate sheets over my legs. Hospitalized for a month

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  4. I don’t agree with a “no fault” system; that’s what the vaccine makers introduced here in the U.S., to absolve themselves of liability and put it on the taxpayers, while the industry players laugh all the way to their offshore banks. And, after 40 years of researching and writing about vaccines, I say they are all poison, even if you don’t have an immediate and violent reaction to them. Knowledge of the long term, delayed, and insidious damage is kept away from public scrutiny.

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  5. I’m confused he had flu shots for 9 years and then right after he states he never had the flu shot…? 🤯


    1. Hi LIz please indicate where you are reading that? The man clearly has been injured. From my reading earlier yes he had prior flu shots … clearly from the independent research injury may be immediate or later on.


      1. my dear friend of many years also had a flu shot yearly. This year she became paralyzed, could not use her legs. Was in the hospital 12 days, trying to figure out what happened. A Dr. finally found the answer. It was a reaction to the shot. She has improved some, and walks with a walker now. So don’t ever think you are safe because you’ve had prior shots.


    2. I had never had the flu shot until I was introduced to it by my dr. in 2001 and the 10th one H1N1 Got me prior to that only 2 vaccines in my life one at 12 years old polio one.
      But what is more important is the vaccine and all vaccines are dangerous as hundreds of thousands are either injured or die each year and the stats say that only 1% are reported so figure it out.

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      1. Thanks for clarifying & yes the latter is more important I agree Bob, I wish I’d known about the dangers years ago I wouldn’t ever have had any myself. I believe I contracted CFS with the Heb B vax.


        1. Says page moved Sue. I did read the story of Judy Mikovic (poss spelled wrong) who traced CFS to vaccination. Who lost her job because of that. That site link looks interesting. Thank you.


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