A WOLF IN LAMB CLOTHING Adern Pretty Communist or Privliged Fascist?


 New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern sips on a drink as she delivers a speech at a dinner hosted by Queen Elizabeth II wearing the Meadowlark's gold leaf like design Vita Earrings in large, which can be bought for $3079.

The most succinct state of play regarding New Zealand politics, the illusion of left and right as it exist in our current neoliberal/neoconservative dominated political landscape, I have read on social media todate.

Jon Smyth “As the voting public get less politically literate – the legacy of neoliberal education policy – they also get more complacent and less decerning, in particular of the quality of psychopath they want representing them in parliament.Harsh, but its fundamentally true, though, isn’t it?And, as time goes on, although it’s impossible to draw a straight demarcation line thru ‘2 faction centrist politics’ (they’ve been stealing ideas off one another for far too long and both have their own fascist and liberal traits), the one pretending to be ‘Left’ tends to become more promotionally aligned with dysfunctional political correctness and the one pretending to be “Right” simply become bigger arseholes”.

Nailed in one!

In the…

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